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Testimonial: Pixies GuestHouse

Pixies GuestHouse - Bed and Breakfast for Like Minded AdultsWe stayed in Pixies GuestHouse the other week when we were visiting AtlantisEVOLUTION for the fetish night. The only clientèle are those that attend AtlantisEVOLUTION to ensure that every person staying is like minded and create a comfortable atmosphere for all involved. The guesthouse is still in the process of being maintained daily, so when we went there were some things missing that will be added soon.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5


Pixies is located in a cosy private Cul de Sac of Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent, just a few minutes away from the AtlantisEVOLUTION club. From the front, it looks like just a normal house as the hosts are very discreet and want to keep things comfortable for their guests. They even live right next door for everyone’s convenience.

It is important to note that the guesthouse only opened on the 1st June 2012 so a lot of things are still being worked on. The lovely hosts are very open to all sorts of feedback and suggestions that you might have during your stay.

“The hosts of Pixies are Sasha and Jed; a very kind and personable swinger couple who have been together for 4 years.”


Quote: Bean

The number one job of the dominant is to continually seduce consent from the bottom.

― Joseph Bean

This is an interesting quote, in my opinion. Usually people would argue that it is the bottom’s job to give consent rather than the top’s to pull it from them. This makes sense though – depending on the relationship and agreed limits between the two, a top will be able to push the bottom’s boundaries. However, if they can’t successfully coerce their partner into doing it, then that doesn’t make them a bad top. It just means that the bottom isn’t ready yet.

Another reason this quote interested me is because there has been a lot of debate about consent on Fetlife recently and the grey line that some people tread. Some like their consent to be ignored whereas others need to have given it to you explicitly and you cannot tell just by looking. Because of this, consent is a bit of an awkward topic right now but that tends to make it all the more interesting to discuss.

Personally, I require to have given verbal consent before I allow anyone to touch me, let alone push my boundaries. With my Daddy it is a little different as we have a contract where we have discussed consent in detail but other people need it from both me and him before I am comfortable with anything happening. For the most part we are monogamous in sex and in kink but lately we have toyed with the idea of playing with others together on a case-by-case basis. He played a little bit with a lovely owned slave at the fetish event we go to because I discussed it with him beforehand and we may both play with him at the next one. His Mistress is very happy for us to do so, since she took a shine to us when we met. Of course, any play will depend on everyone’s feelings at the time and we won’t cross any boundaries without explicit permission from them both.

A different dom at the event crossed my comfort zone when I had come out of the toilet by myself and that won’t be happening again. It very much upset me because I was quite shocked and didn’t really know what to do about it. I now will have to go to the toilet with someone I know to prevent it happening and that will unfortunately take away some of my fun in the future. He even asked Daddy if he could play with me and when Daddy said probably not, he replied “we’ll see what happens” which made us both uncomfortable.

Both Daddy and I are big on consent issues because to us it denotes respect and we find that important in anything we do. I wish others were as thorough in gaining consent (or at least knowing boundaries beforehand) as we are. It would make everything a little easier.

Essay: Why I Enjoy Being Restrained

Why I Enjoy Being Restrained.Essay number 2. I was Ordered to do this essay because both Daddy and I have taken a real shine to bondage recently, particularly shibari (hover for brief definition). We have spent a lot of time trying new ties and bondage has consistently put me in subspace so this essay was bound to come up sooner or later.

Why I Enjoy Being Restrained:

There are many reasons I enjoy being restrained; some emotional, some physical and some psychological. It is not a simple topic to explain since it affects me in so many different ways. Some things depend upon who has done the tie, whereas some depend on my mindset at the time. It is a complex subject but that is why it is all the more interesting to discuss.

“In terms of who does the tying, my Daddy has taken the time to do quite a few ties on me but I have done it for myself just once.”

Sinful Songs: Time Warp

I have a lot of history with this song. When I was in primary school it was one of the songs we danced to at our leaving ceremony for our parents and I had no idea where it had come from or what it was about. I just thought it was one of those silly disco songs that everyone seems to like. Now I know better, and after finally getting around to watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show the other week, it struck me that this song has lyrics that remind me of D/s and subspace.

Because of that, I decided it would be great to do a blog post on. So here I present to you my new blog section: Sinful Songs.

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Review: Beginners Basic Vibrating Mega Ring

A orange-tinged jelly cock ring with vibrator on the top.This review has been written for an item I received back in 2010 when I lived with my Daddy. We still have the cock ring now and upon seeing it I decided to write a review.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“We got this toy when I noticed I had enough Oh! Points to warrant a purchase. Being curious about cock rings and vibrating ones in particular, I ordered this from Lovehoney without even mentioning it to Daddy. I wanted to surprise him with it when he came back from visiting his family and waited for it eagerly to arrive in the post. When it did, I was over the moon and hid it in a drawer until he arrived.

One of the reasons I was so excited to try it is that I find it difficult to orgasm without a vibrator and thought this would solve all my worries about being able to climax during sex. This has never particularly been a strain on our relationship but it did make me feel guilty for quite a long time so I was willing to try anything once. Sadly, he wasn’t nearly as excited with the idea but agreed to try it out anyway.

“When this toy arrived, it came in a small plastic sealed bag just like on the Lovehoney website.”

Sex Toy Society – Edition 13

Sex Toy Society Review Directory

Welcome to Edition 13 of the Sex Toy Society round-up of all the sex toy reviews written by Society authors over the past week.

Do you want to be included in next weeks edition? All you need to do is visit this page and submit your latest reviews and photographs before 11:59pm BST on Thursday 30th August 2012. Our authors of the week are selected by the number of reviews published, comments posted and photographs added to the Society so get adding!

You can also find us on Twitter for all the latest news on the society.

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Thoughts: Regarding Limits in BDSM

The longer I study BDSM and get more into the scene, the more hard limits I find I have. This isn’t due to my resolve and open-mindedness becoming limited but due to the overwhelming amount of knowledge I am gaining in the field.

A lot of places, books and people will tell you that the best sub has few or no limits at all. I don’t think this is the case. The fewer limits I had, the more naïve I was and the more at risk I was of putting both myself and others in danger. I felt like I had a firm idea of what I wouldn’t do but looking back I now know better. In my opinion, the best sub is an educated one. Not necessarily an experienced one but one who has a good grasp on the range of things out there and who is willing to say they have limits. Age, gender, orientation and race have nothing to do with this.

“I feel as though I am very young when it comes to BDSM as I have seen a lot of Dom/mes and subs that have been into the lifestyle for a long time.”

Quote: Nietzsche #3

You look up when you wish to be exalted. And I look down because I am exalted.

― Friedrich Nietzsche

I think Nietzsche might be the man I will quote the most when it comes to BDSM. Whether he means it or not, a lot of the things he said can apply to a BDSM relationship.

Take this one for example: there is an implication that the person he is talking to is looking up at him while he looks down upon them. This position is often used by Daddy and I at events and in his home. I spend a lot of time on my knees staring up at him and just by doing so I feel very fulfilled. I’ve heard that a lot of other Doms and subs do this too, so Nietzsche in my mind will always be a kinkster.

Review: Crimes of Passion story 2

Novel with a woman pointing a gun at the viewer on the cover.This review is exclusive to my blog. A more general review of this XciteBooks collection will be posted directly on the website.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 2: In Brief by Kate J. Cameron (pages 11-21)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“After the disappointment and annoyance that was the first story in this collection, I didn’t really want to keep reading through them all. I expected that I would receive the same type of headache-inducing drivel and be forced to write more bad reviews. I really dislike having to write bad reviews because it makes me feel guilty for disliking something, even if the reasons are justified. I prepared to read this story with a heavy heart…

“…Only to be pleasantly surprised.”

Review: Give Lube Silicone+

Silicone LubeThis review is sponsored by Give Lube, who kindly sent me a tester set to try.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5


The design of these Silicone+ bottles is gorgeous. The bottles themselves are very tall and coupled with the black and silver colours, look very elegant and sophisticated. To me the designs scream class, which I never thought I would see from a bottle of lubricant.

“The picture gives an accurate size comparison between the two bottles: the midi holds 100ml of lube whereas the mini holds only 30ml.”