I’m 23 years old and live in the UK. I love sex. I love BDSM. I love a lot of things. This blog is for my musings on particular topics, sex toy reviews and things like that.

In terms of BDSM I am a submissive that is often a ‘little’ and a ‘pet’. I have been dating my Owner and Daddy for 3 years in October and through this time we have grown very much in terms of interests and in personality. Whenever I test a toy or product he is usually there to help me and sometimes offers his own views on the things I review. I really could not do much without him and I love him very much.

If you have a product you would like me to review, please send me a message. I cannot guarantee I will agree to do it or give a specific time when it will arrive but I will do my best to give as fair and accurate a review as I can.


Thoughts of a Growing Sub (Blogspot version of this blog)

Why I have two different blogs with the same content.

Review directories I am on:

Sex Toy Society Review DirectoryLoving ToyzPleasuristsAdult Blog HubParticipating reviewer on real sex toy reviews


August Sex Toys Review of the Month Winner at sextoys.co.uk!

Sex Toy Society Award: 10 published reviews!Sex Toy Society Award: Badger!Sex Toy Society Award: I love comments!


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