Comparison: Blogspot VS WordPress

Or, “Why I have two different blogs with the same content”.

Blogger Versus WordPressI figured that eventually I would be asked why I had the same blog in two places so I thought I would make a post explaining it beforehand. I started out with a WordPress blog like a year ago when I was feeling particularly submissive and didn’t think about much except that I could blog from my phone. That fell through when I realised I didn’t have much to tell the world at that point in time and it fell to disuse until March 2012 when I figured out that I could post reviews on it.

That fell through after a short time too because I just forgot to update it. I had reviews to post but I just kept forgetting. Then on my birthday I decided to start up again, as a present to myself. I finished some drafts that had been lingering around and posted everything I had.

After a short while I decided that having affiliate links could be nice so I signed up for some, only to find WordPress hated them. That’s when I made my Blogspot account.

I still like WordPress though, so I’ve decided to keep and update both. It’s a little more fiddly but it’s easy enough since the content is the same. The HTML is the only thing that needs changing and while it is annoying it is not difficult.

So, here are my positives and negatives about each blog service, for your enjoyment:



+ Allow affiliate links
+ Warn users the blog is mature so they can make an informed decision to enter
+ Do not moderate the content posted rigorously
+ Have a post template section for all new posts on the blog, saving a lot of time
+ Easy to change my custom favicon whenever I like
+ Templates are super-customisable for free!


– No tag function
– Less gadget options (no goodreads gadget for example)
– No mobile app for my Blackberry
– Read more sections not customisable by post



+ Ability to use tags
+ Mobile app for my Blackberry
+ Have a “Copy Post” function
+ Read more sections customisable by post


– Have a grudge against affiliate links which is immediately implemented whenever a link is used
– Have a ‘report as mature’ option which I imagine will get blogs deleted
– Copy Post function makes for a lot of deleting and redrafting each time
– Cannot find how to change my custom favicon
– Have to pay to customise CSS and such
– Cannot link to another page on menu without paying



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