Review: Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls

A photo of the pink duo balls and their box, side by side.I bought this toy myself a long time ago from I have reviewed it because I want to.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

“I bought these when they were on sale for about £10. I had wanted a kegel exerciser because I was curious about how they felt and the half price sale seemed perfect. I didn’t really need them for medical reasons but I knew they were also good for tightening the vagina and giving pleasure, so I snapped them up.

If I had known what they were like, I wouldn’t have.



The packaging that the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls arrived in was one that I really liked. It is pretty compact though it is made from hard plastic and cardboard and it allows you to see the balls even without opening it up. There are no gaudy photographs on it and the overall feeling is one of calm, appropriate as the company’s name is Vibe Therapy.

The box of the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls

When opened, the plastic part comes away to let you get at the new kegel exerciser, whereas the box opens a panel to let you see the supplied bag and instructions for use. Everything about it keeps the calm and reassuring tone, which is fantastic.

Fascinate balls on bag

The duo balls are baby pink, though they can come in purple or black too. The case is also pink and allows you to feel the plastic of the balls on each side. The retrieval string is made from the same stuff as the case and is very stretchy. Visually speaking, they’re relatively pretty and seem quite classy. They also give off the impression of being rather stable, since it would be very difficult to break the cord.


The balls themselves are made from ABS plastic, but the casing and retrieval cord are made from silicone. This makes it 100% body safe and it can be sterilised however you see fit.


The Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls are made to be inserted into the vagina. Due to the material, you could arguably insert them anally as well. They need a fair amount of lube before you can insert them though, as they are rather large and won’t slip inside very easily. Once inside, the aim is to wear them for a while to tone up your pelvic floor muscles. Toning up your pelvic floor muscles is good because it allows you to have a tighter vagina, more control over your urination and can lead to stronger orgasms. Whilst you can probably do this passively, it is generally better to clench down on the exerciser every now and then to make sure.


Whenever I inserted them, I always had the same problem. After the first ball was in, the case would bend in the middle and make putting the second one in very painful. It was an extremely trying experience, as I had to force them straight and push the first one deeper with my fingers every time. The balls themselves were too big for me, and though I could hear the toy rattle in my hands I got no sensation or sound while it was inside me. After a long time of dealing with the way my vagina works I knew I would get no pleasure out of these but the lack of movement bothered me a lot. I also found that the silicone cord was very uncomfortable: I didn’t know where to place it so that it didn’t rub my vulva or tug on the balls. Both of these things only caused me discomfort and while I eventually angled the cord towards my ass it still didn’t help much.

Bent balls

I was constantly aware of these inside myself and not in a good way. It was depressing and off-putting, which made me not want to wear them for very long or even very often. The problem also came when I tried to pull them out; the silicone cord was very stretchy and it just pulled on the balls enough to cause me pain instead of taking them out. Every time I wanted to remove them I had to reach inside and try to pull the lower ball out by hand. To be honest, I think I would have had a slightly better experience without a cord at all!

Stretchy retrieval cord

After my first ever use I ignored their existence for months. They only came back into the picture more than a year later when Daddy told me he wanted me to use them for an Order. I used them three days in a row for that Order and experienced the exact same problems each time. However, when I next had sex with him we did both feel that I was a bit tighter, so they do work.


As I said above, these can be sterilised pretty much however you want. I would personally recommend using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or boiling them.


I really don’t like this kegel exerciser. The balls are too big and bend in on themselves upon insertion, they hurt me and the retrieval cord is too stretchy which makes them painful for me to remove. While they do seem to work, I wouldn’t really recommend them to anyone for the stretchy cord alone – there are better products out there that can be removed with ease.”

You can buy the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls from by clicking the image. our passion is your pleasure!

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