Review: Rocks Off Ass Berry Black

An anal plug shaped like a berry with a thin vibrator sticking out of the bottom.A review for the Ass Berry Black, kindly sponsored by the Rocks Off manufacturers themselves. This toy was sent to me in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

“I am a little ashamed to admit that I was sent this toy all the way back in November. After initially getting excited and messing around with it I forgot about it until recently when Daddy Ordered me to doubly penetrate myself one weekend. While I have had anal sex with him before, we’ve never owned a butt plug so it was a new experience for me and I had very high hopes because of the interesting design.



The Ass Berry Black comes in a cool black box with a see-through panel. The texture of the box is quite nice and the see-through panel allows you to see the displayed toy easily. The front of the box also displays the name of the toy and the Rocks Off name and logo proudly in silver lettering. On the back of the box it lists the company Rocks Off as well as what the toy is for, boasting that is it fully waterproof and 100% hypoallergenic. These instructions come in English, German, French and Spanish.

To be honest with you, I like this packaging. It isn’t sleazy nor is it trying too hard to be elegant; it just is what it is. The downside to the packaging is that the box is held closed with plastic as well as what appears to be clingfilm. I found it difficult to put it back just as I had received it which meant it eventually came off. The problem with this is that the box now can open at any time and will not sit closed properly as it had before. I found this out when I carried it around in my travel bag to see Daddy and opened it up to see the box bent weirdly out of shape. If you plan to keep it for storage or gifting I think it would be okay but I would not at all recommend it for travel.

The box of the Ass Berry Black.

The toy itself is black and, as you might expect, shaped like a berry. It has bumps all over like the fruit does which can be a very fun texture to touch if you like that sort of thing. The base of the berry is flared to prevent it getting lost or stuck inside you and the vibrator is inserted into the base. All anal toys should really have a base like this and you should not use anything anally that doesn’t unless you want an awkward trip to A&E.

The Rocks Off Ass Berry actually comes in two colours, the other of which is pink. Instead of being called the blackberry, this pink model is called the raspberry to keep with the fruity theme. The other difference between these two butt plugs is that they are actually different sizes. It is almost too subtle in pictures but if you look closely you can tell that the pink berry is thinner.

Ass Berry in box.

In regard to the vibrator part of these toys, it is actually a RO-80mm inserted into the berry shaped sleeve. This vibrator is removable and can be used separately as well as in the sleeve. To match the berry, the RO-80mm I got was also black. I imagine the pink berry has a pink bullet inside as well. Like my last RO-80mm, there is a small circle of cardboard between the cap and the battery to help preserve it. You’ll need to remove this cardboard before you want to use it.


According to Rocks Off, this butt plug is made of a material called “intramed”. A little research into this leads you to their website where they claim that it “offers similar benefits as our silicone but is fully reprocess-able and recyclable making it an environmentally friendly alternative and ideal for Certain types of toy” [sic]. Unfortunately I have never heard of this material otherwise and so cannot tell you whether it is as safe as they claim.

I must admit that it feels like silicone to the touch and until I looked it up I was certain that it was. I don’t know if this information is all that useful to you, however.

The vibrating section is basically a Rocks Off RO-80mm bullet, which is made from metallic plated ABS plastic.


The use of the Ass Berry is very easy: simply lube it up and slip it inside yourself. Of course, I would advise you to prepare yourself properly beforehand via lots of lube and fingering to make this easier. How long this takes will vary from person to person and their level of anal experience, but for me it did not take very long. Anal is one of my favourite fetishes and so it features in many of my fantasies. This means that I can relax a lot faster than most people, including Daddy who has far more experience in the area than I do. If you go slowly it is better though, as it allows a less painful and more pleasurable experience. No matter what you do, you mustn’t try to insert it further than the textured portion as the flared base is there to keep you safe.

Personally I found the Ass Berry difficult to insert, no matter how much lube I used. Because it is relatively thick and bumpy, it stretched me more than I expected, which was not very comfortable. With anal I tend to feel a burning sensation and it usually subsides within a minute or two, but with this it kept burning throughout my use. It also felt very heavy inside me and I must admit that I just felt constipated. It was not a sexy feeling for me at all.

When I tried to put the vibrations on to try and see if it helped, it only caused me discomfort and frustration. The design of the vibrator means that you have to push a button to use it: a button that is right at the bottom of the toy. Pressing this is difficult even if you are holding it in your hands, let alone if it is inserted. When inserted it took me a few tries to do it and each press made the toy push deeper, which was more uncomfortable if not painful. To top it off, the vibrations weren’t really strong enough to feel good!

Thinking I was just not prepared enough or wasn’t having a good body day, I tried the Ass Berry again a few days later. I was really disappointed to get the same result. I attempted to masturbate with a clit vibe while the berry was inside me but whenever I wasn’t fully focused on it my body kept pushing it back out. In the end, I had to resort to wearing underwear over it just to keep it inside me. When I did eventually orgasm, it was weak and unsatisfying.

Normally I would have tested this toy on Daddy as well, but after hearing my experience with it he was completely uninterested. I mean, come on, who thinks feeling constipated is sexy? In the event he changes his mind I will update this review accordingly.


This toy is very easy to clean due to the bullet being removable. Since the material is supposed to be like silicone, I imagine you can clean it by any method that you use for that. I washed it with a few different things: babywipes, soap and water with my bare hands as well as the Lovehoney cleaner with an old toothbrush. The spray with toothbrush was actually the best method as the toothbrush allowed me to get in between the bumps while the spray meant that the toy was sterilised properly for its next use.

Ass Berry sleeve and R0-80mm separated.


I don’t really have good feelings for this toy. Perhaps it is too big for me, perhaps the texture is too intense for my body. I might have been better off with the thinner pink one. I don’t know. All I can say is that this anal plug is not for me and that I don’t recommend it for beginners at all.

If you are used to anal or you love textured toys, this may well be your dream plug. However, I’d still recommend getting the pink one just in case it would be too much. You can always buy the larger one later if the smaller one is good and either way you’ll still have a decent bullet to use.”

This vibrator requires 1xN battery and comes supplied with one.

You can buy the Rocks Off Ass Berry Black from Rock Chick by clicking the image.

Rock Chick

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