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Review: Anovibe+ Anal Bead Waterproof Vibrator

A purple clear set of jelly beads in a line.I was sent this toy by Magic Moments back in August/September in exchange for my honest review. This review has taken a long time due to loads of factors, including the material of the toy and my health issues.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“This review has been a long time coming and been delayed for more reasons than I care to list. When I asked Magic Moments if I could review toys for them they asked me to create a list of what I would like and this was a toy that Daddy chose. At the time I was fairly new to all of this and didn’t actually know what it was that I had ended up asking for. So, here is my opinion now that I’m a bit better acquainted with sex toys.

“The Anovibe+ Anal Bead Waterproof Vibrator has a box that isn’t particularly interesting in terms of design. It has a circle/bubble pattern and the name of the toy on it but not much info other than that.”

Review: Beginners Basic Vibrating Mega Ring

A orange-tinged jelly cock ring with vibrator on the top.This review has been written for an item I received back in 2010 when I lived with my Daddy. We still have the cock ring now and upon seeing it I decided to write a review.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“We got this toy when I noticed I had enough Oh! Points to warrant a purchase. Being curious about cock rings and vibrating ones in particular, I ordered this from Lovehoney without even mentioning it to Daddy. I wanted to surprise him with it when he came back from visiting his family and waited for it eagerly to arrive in the post. When it did, I was over the moon and hid it in a drawer until he arrived.

One of the reasons I was so excited to try it is that I find it difficult to orgasm without a vibrator and thought this would solve all my worries about being able to climax during sex. This has never particularly been a strain on our relationship but it did make me feel guilty for quite a long time so I was willing to try anything once. Sadly, he wasn’t nearly as excited with the idea but agreed to try it out anyway.

“When this toy arrived, it came in a small plastic sealed bag just like on the Lovehoney website.”