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Review: Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger

A woman in lace lingerie with a flogger in her mouth.A tester item received from the awesome folks at ÜberKinky. I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“Another late review finally under my belt! I was sent this flogger ages ago by ÜberKinky, who have been extremely patient with me while I’ve gotten things sorted out. We opted for this flogger because we have broken every single one we’ve owned and wanted another to play with. When it first arrived, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be able to last in our care…

“The packaging for this flogger was incredibly disappointing. It didn’t have much at all…”


Review: Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit

A rectangular box with a picture of a woman in bondage on it.A review for a bondage kit by Sportsheets, sent to me by the lovely sextoys.co.uk

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“I was sent the Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit back in November for the round of testing over at sextoys.co.uk. When I was told I was going to receive this item I was pleased because I hadn’t reviewed many BDSM toys yet and wanted to see what the Sex & Mischief range was like. They sent the kit straight away but due to some personal issues (and the lack of a working camera) we didn’t get around to testing it for a while. Now that those issues are resolved, I am pleased to bring you my review!

“This kit is incredibly simple to use.”

Review: Spartacus 24 Inch Leather Viper Tongue Slapper

24 Inch Leather Viper Tongue SlapperMy first tester item from the awesome people at Lovehoney who send them out weekly to people on their website.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I was asked by the lovely folks over at Lovehoney if I wanted to get this Spartacus 24 Inch Viper Tongue Leather Tawse Whip Slapper (what a mouthful!) as a tester when I had added it to my wishlist one day. Obviously, I jumped at the idea as my Daddy loves implements of pain to use on me and we have never had something like this before.

Generally speaking, my pain tolerance has gotten quite low because I’ve been sick a lot recently but I wanted to have some nice pain for once and so the item arrived at my house without a problem.

“The label on the Leather Viper Tongue is black, white and grey, just like the Spartacus website.”

Review: ÜberKinky Wartenberg Pinwheel

A long thin metal object with a spiked wheel on the end.The lovely kinksters at ÜberKinky sent me this gorgeous pinwheel as a tester product alongside their bondage tape a few weeks ago. I was really happy to receive it since I’ve had an interest in one of these for a while but didn’t get the chance to properly review it until now.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I’d been interested in one of these pinwheels for a few months when ÜberKinky asked me to test it. A friend of mine on FetLife had been telling me about them and how fun they were but I wasn’t completely sold on them. As far as I could see, they looked a little worrying because of their spikes and I wasn’t sure if I would actually like one or not. The same day that I added a pinwheel to one of my wishlists, the offer to test one cropped up and I jumped on the chance despite my worries.

“The ÜberKinky Wartenberg Pinwheel comes in a sleeve that is black on one side, see-through on the other and closes via a white popper on the top.”