Review: Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit

A rectangular box with a picture of a woman in bondage on it.A review for a bondage kit by Sportsheets, sent to me by the lovely

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“I was sent the Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit back in November for the round of testing over at When I was told I was going to receive this item I was pleased because I hadn’t reviewed many BDSM toys yet and wanted to see what the Sex & Mischief range was like. They sent the kit straight away but due to some personal issues (and the lack of a working camera) we didn’t get around to testing it for a while. Now that those issues are resolved, I am pleased to bring you my review!



The box of this kit has been designed in greyscale which looks nice. I’ve always had a fondness for greyscale pictures – something about them just seems classy to me so I think this was a good choice. While the front has a picture of a woman being bound, the back has a segment of a story where a man is bound instead. I particularly liked this because it advertises the kit to be used on both genders and doesn’t force any stereotypes.

Elastabind packaging.

Out of the packaging, the kit itself is black (as you would expect) and has silver-looking metal clips on it. The adjustable part on the tether is made of black plastic. It doesn’t look like much on it’s own which is kind of a shame.


If I’m quite honest I don’t really know what this kit is made from. It doesn’t even say so on the Sex & Mischief webpage. Obviously it is made from elastic, but according to Wikipedia there are many types made from different types of rubber that may or may not be saturated. I don’t know what metal has been used in this toy either, though on the side of the box it says it is nickel-free.


This kit is incredibly simple to use. You just slip your partner’s arms through one of the tunnel sets and put their legs in the other to have their wrists and ankles bound together. You can then use the tether to adjust the distance between the arms and legs and watch your partner squirm. Due to the way it has been made, you can also choose not to use the tether if you so wish, as it has metal clips that come off easily. You don’t need to use all three parts of the set at all, which is convenient if you only want to bind one part of them or lead them around with the tether.

Elastabind set.

In the above image, the wrist restraint is on the left and the leg restraint is on the right. As you can see, there is not much difference in the sizes offered and they look pretty tight.


The cuffs of the Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit are 5″ thick each. This means that they cover quite a bit of your body when they’re being worn and due to the way they have been manufactured you cannot make them any thinner. The material feels very strange on my skin and I can’t tell whether that is just because it is stretching around me or if it is genuinely a scratchy material. I didn’t like it because I found it too uncomfortable and tight.

At the tightest point your partner will essentially be hogtied, depending on the position you put them in first. The length of the tether when fully tightened is around 2.5″ long. When Daddy bound me this tightly, he had me kneeling with my hands behind my back which forced my back straight and made my arms ache. In that position, my ankles began to go numb as well and I can’t tell whether it was the kit doing it or the position I was in. It began to feel painful on my wrists as well, which wasn’t great.

Elastabind on wrist.

My wrists are only 7″ in diameter and the elastabind was very tight and painful on them. It was only on my wrists that it hurt, not further up my arm though the material covered half of my forearm. It got so uncomfortable that Daddy had to free my wrists on more than one occasion because it felt like my circulation was being cut off. After a few times of this, Daddy tried it on his wrists too and reported a similar discomfort.

At the loosest point, I could lift the binds up to my mouth. For reference, I’m around 5’3″ tall, so if you’re short you have a lot of leeway. In terms of measurement, the tether was just under 41″ long, which means it would likely still be comfortable for someone a lot taller to wear.


In the end, I’m not keen on the Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit and neither is Daddy. The only time I really see us using this again is as a punishment for bad behaviour. It might be a good choice if you have thinner wrists but I still wouldn’t recommend it due to how weird and scratchy the material feels. It does what it’s supposed to but I think there are better ways to bind your partner out there.”

You can buy the Sex & Mischief Black Elastabind Kit from by clicking the image. our passion is your pleasure!

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