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Thoughts: Family and Kink

Family and Kink.

This post is inspired by Blacksilk’s Family Planning post. Thank you for making a post on it and saying it would be alright if I did as well! The concept was interesting to me because it’s pertinent to the way I deal with my own family and practising BDSM while I do sex toy reviews. Sometimes it is difficult to hide. My Daddy doesn’t have this issue as much because he simply doesn’t need to – his family generally are very accepting of anything.

With my own family, I have a lot to hide. The majority of them are prudish and won’t discuss vanilla sex, let alone anything less ‘normal’. I suppose it could just be that they like their privacy or find it strange to discuss with other family members but it makes things awkward for me quite a lot. When your main pastime is something you can’t discuss, it makes you seem avoidant and anti-social even if that isn’t your intention. You seem like you do nothing but mess about so they can’t take you seriously when you say you’re busy. Plus it makes explaining the amount of packages you receive uncomfortable, moreso when you are poor and your family get curious about what is in them and who sent them.

“As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a very sexual person and I am rather liberated when it comes to the subject.”


Thoughts: Depression, Meds and Orgasms

Depression, Meds and Orgasms.

The idea for this thoughts post came to me while I was masturbating and looking at Twitter. The lovely Epiphora was tweeting links to her blog about her experience on Zoloft and it reminded me of my various experiences on meds. I never really wanted to make this blog about my mental health problems because part of the reason I started it was to take my mind off everything around me.

Another reason is that I thought that the information I would divulge would be too identifying for those who knew me but did not know about my BDSM/sex inclinations. I’m still worried that will be the case but I think sharing this experience is more important than hiding who I am. It doesn’t hurt either that today (10th September) is World Suicide Prevention Day and so this post is timely.

Warning: May be a trigger for those with similar experiences. Mentions bullying among other subjects. Extremely long and personal.

“I have been a sufferer of depression and anxiety since I was 11 years old but did not even know until my second year of university when I was 19 years old.”