Review: Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger

A woman in lace lingerie with a flogger in her mouth.A tester item received from the awesome folks at ÜberKinky. I was sent this item in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“Another late review finally under my belt! I was sent this flogger ages ago by ÜberKinky, who have been extremely patient with me while I’ve gotten things sorted out. We opted for this flogger because we have broken every single one we’ve owned and wanted another to play with. When it first arrived, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be able to last in our care…



The packaging for this flogger was incredibly disappointing. It didn’t have much at all; just a see-through plastic sleeve wrapped around it and a small label hooked onto the loop at the end of the handle. Like other things in the Sex & Mischief range, the label was in full greyscale and inside had a snippet of erotica geared towards the toy. It was certainly nothing special or interesting, but I guess it did the job.

Packaging of the Sex & Mischief flogger.

The flogger itself is very pretty to look at. The twisting black stripe covers the red handle completely and not only looks nice but gives the wielder a better grip. The tails of the flogger are very easy to manipulate as well; I spent a bit of time plaiting them all for fun and it took no time at all. I found the loop on the end of the handle a bit weird, though I guess it can be used to make sure the flogger doesn’t go flying from an over-enthusiastic swing.

Inside view of the packaging.

In general I think it looks great, though I wish it came in other colours. I think it’d look even better in blue.


According to the stats on the ÜberKinky website, this flogger is made from faux lather and wood. It contains no nickel or latex in it. This means that it is vegan-friendly. You can learn a little more about faux leather at Leather Care & Repair.


Before using this flogger on a person, I recommend testing it in the air or aiming for something small first. Because of the long tails on it, it can be difficult to hit exactly where you were aiming. This flogger is very light and at first glance doesn’t seem like it will be able to hurt much, though that is certainly not the case.

The flogger laid out.

With light lashes, the flogger felt pleasant against my skin, but with hard ones it was quite painful. If you’re rough with it, it leaves fantastic marks. You can see some of the marks left on my body on my post I was a Naughty Girl. It’s amazing what this flogger is capable of!


When it comes to faux leather, you need to be careful not to let it dry out or come into contact with the sun. Some people say warm soapy water is the best choice whereas others say that faux leather cleaning kits are best. I wiped mine down with a baby wipe after each use and there have been no problems.


Daddy and I found this flogger pretty versatile. It can be used to tease as well as to inflict pain, at the discretion of whomever is holding it. Not only is it pretty but it is pretty cheap too; perfect for those who want to try floggers but not spend a lot on them. If you’re curious about buying it, then I highly suggest you do. The only thing I really wish I could change is the colour.”

You can buy the Sex & Mischief Red & Black Stripe Flogger from ÜberKinky by clicking the image.

ÜberKinky: it's not a fetish, it's a way of life!

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