Review: Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 120ml

A spray bottle with a clear lid and green/white label with a heart on it.This review is for the Fresh Toy Cleaner from Lovehoney. I got it for free in exchange for this review. This post contains affiliate links. I am sad to say that there aren’t many pictures in this post though; I couldn’t think of many things you’d want to see from such a simply-designed bottle.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“Around Christmas, I was contacted by the lovely folks over at Lovehoney who wondered if I was interested in reviewing their new lube and cleaning spray range. As I’m still searching for my own perfect lube I gladly accepted and they sent it to me in the New Year. It came wrapped in a silky Lovehoney drawstring bag with two other lubes within a Lovehoney box, which was beautiful. I was quite excited to receive the package but have had a lot going on since which has delayed this review.



The Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner has the same design as the rest of the Lovehoney lube brand. On the top of the label it has the company logo, the title of the product ‘fresh’ and a big lime green heart. Other parts of the label are the same; except the writing is now white on lime green. One side shows the ingredients and warnings whereas the other has a blurb about what the item is, Lovehoney‘s mission, a link to the website and phone number.

Photographs of the front and back of the toy cleaner bottle.

On one hand this is very convenient as it makes sure you cannot forget where you bought the item from but on the other it makes it easier for others to see where you got it from too. It isn’t an item I would let lay around but the packaging is refreshing, simple and pleasing to the eye. I particularly like that all the packaging matches because it makes them easy to identify and means they look good lined up together as well.


Anionic surfactants: less than 5%
Amphoteric surfactants: less than 5%
Preservation agents: methylisothiazolinone, benzisothiazolinone

Methylisothiazolinone has recently been under a lot of scrutiny lately, due to its allergenic effects in patients. I would recommend that you do as the bottle says and use this product carefully in case it affects you as well. If you own any latex gloves I would say to use them every time you wash a toy with this spray and to thoroughly wash your hands afterwards, too.


The use of this spray is incredibly easy: Just hold it a few centimetres away from whatever toy you would like to sterilise, spray it on and then wash it off thoroughly with warm water. After this, the toy should be left to dry on its own. As above, you need to be careful with this product and not let it linger on your skin in case it gives you an allergic reaction. I washed my toys with my bare hands under running water and felt no issues but that does not mean it will be that way for everyone else.

I tested this spray with four toys: my beloved Lady Finger, the Rocks Off Ass Berry Black, the We-Vibe Touch and the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls. As I’ve stated before, the Lady Finger is made from plastic and the We-Vibe Touch is made from silicone. The Rocks Off Ass Berry is also said to be made of silicone and the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls are made of both silicone and plastic. None of them had any bad reactions and the spray was very easy to clean off as well. I would have tested this on other materials but I don’t actually own any so I can’t.

It is important to note that the Rocks Off Ass Berry has a lot of texture and crannies whereas the other toys do not. While this toy was a little harder to clean (I used an old toothbrush to get between the cracks) it still came up brilliantly with this spray. I also thought the Vibe Therapy Fascinate Silicone Duo Balls would be hard to clean due to the change from silicone to plastic but I am pleased to report that wasn’t an issue either.

After I had cleaned them they looked exactly the same as before I had used them; no traces of lube or other fluids remained and the only scent left behind was extremely mild. I also found that the plastic toys looked shinier and more appealing than before, which was a plus. I cannot really say the same for the silicone though, as it attracts dust and dirt very easily.

I also must say that I am the type of person that enjoys spraying things, which means I used a lot of cleaner for each toy. As expected, this makes it much harder to clean off so you should try to use it sparingly to make things easier for yourself. I would also like to point out that despite my over-excited spraying, I can barely see a difference in the amount of spray left over. This means it will last a hell of a long time.


This toy cleaner does exactly what it sets out to do, with minimal effort and fuss on the part of the user. It makes your toys look great and stops them having any scents they may have picked up otherwise. Apart from the mildly worrying ingredient of methlisothiazolinone, it is a great product that will last a long time and I have no complaints about it. I would definitely recommend it if you are cautious about hygiene and want to keep things safe.”

You can buy the Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner 120ml from Lovehoney by clicking the image.

Lovehoney: the sexual happiness people!

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