Review: We-Vibe Touch

A strange-shaped purple vibrator.This toy was sent to me for free by Strawberry Blushes in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I was sent this toy by the amazing team over at Strawberry Blushes after they were asking for reviewers over Twitter. After giving them a few options of what I’d like, they decided to choose one and send it without telling me what it was. When I opened it, I was genuinely surprised and happy since I’ve never had a We-Vibe product or designer vibrator before.

Part of the reason I’ve never had one is because designer vibes can be very expensive. Generally speaking they can cost upwards of £50 which can seem like a lot if you don’t have much money. When there are a lot of other cheaper toys just hanging around, it is difficult to see why you ought to settle for one expensive one.

So, let me try to convince you whether the We-Vibe Touch is worth your money!



My package arrived very quickly and discreetly from Strawberry Blushes in a large brown box. There were no details on the front that would give away what was inside, which was fantastic. When I opened the box, I saw they had carefully wrapped the We-Vibe Touch in and had left me a special note, hoping that I enjoyed the toy. I thought that this was excellent and had a really nice personal touch that some companies don’t have anymore.

The box that the We-Vibe Touch arrived in is a really weird shape. It is beautiful to look at and seems very classy with the shiny lettering and picture of the toy on the front. On the back it has a small blurb about the toy in various languages so that you don’t have to know English in order to be able to see what it is. It also opens from the bottom of the box at the back.

We-Vibe Touch box

Inside the box, the space has been used wisely. Whilst there is a plastic plate that the toy itself lies on, there is also a box just above it with the manual sitting on top. When you move the manual out of the way, you can take out the smaller box which contains the charger’s plug and a silky bag to store your Touch in.

Inside of the We-Vibe Touch boxInside of the We-Vibe Touch box and charger box

The bag itself is rather large when you compare it with the toy and will also fit the charger inside as well. This can be quite convenient for those of you who do not like keeping boxes for each of your sex toys, though I do wonder if the charger might damage the silicone somehow. I haven’t actually checked this for myself for that reason. The bag closes like any other normal pull-string bag.



According to the We-Vibe website, this toy is made from 100% lead-free, phthalate-free medical grade silicone. This means that it is body-safe and can be sterilised for sharing between partners. The website also boasts that it is fully waterproof, which is great if you like to play in the shower or the bath.


The We-Vibe Touch is rechargeable and comes with a plug for you to recharge it with. The plug itself goes into a small round disc that is magnetic and sticks to the bottom of your toy when it recharges. It is a bit awkward to use at first because it can fall off at the smallest touch but this is remedied if you lie it down flat. In some ways the easy disconnect is useful; it means you won’t have to fight with it to be able to use it, unlike other toys.

When you first get it you’re going to have to charge it before use, but as the site says, it should only take 90 minutes. While it is charging, an orange light flicks on on the docking pad but it turns off when it is ready to use. At this point, the charger also stops charging, so it cannot get overcharged and can be left plugged in for as long as you like. When the charge is dead, the top half of the orange light will go on for about a second to let you know.

The Touch has 8 vibration patterns, which are activated by pressing the button at the base of the toy. When any pattern is on, the whole bottom section lights up in orange. The first setting is a low-ish constant rumble and the second, third and fourth are similar but pack a lot more power. The fifth setting has 10 on-off vibrations and then 10 speedier on-off vibrations. The sixth starts low then builds to maxmimum speed before going back. The seventh pattern is just very frantic vibrations that I can only quantify as pulses. The eighth is is a pulse-type setting that uses the patterns in each pulse like 1, 2, 123. We-Vibe describes these patterns as “low speed, medium speed, high speed, ultra speed, tease, wave, pulse, and the cha-cha”.

We-Vibe Touch vibrating

I personally prefer the fourth vibration pattern (ultra-speed) to any of the others because you can feel it though many layers of clothes and still orgasm. A problem with this, however, is that the Touch seems to suffer from what the lovely Dangerous Lilly calls ‘dampened vibrations’. What this means is that the vibrations that the toy gives off are disrupted by extraneous factors, like the amount of pressure you put on the toy. If I push my hips out and try to hold the We-Vibe Touch against my clit more firmly the vibrations reduce and that is disappointing. The same goes for when I hold it between my thighs. This kind of means that you can’t do anything hands free with this toy.

It’s not a toy that is good for use during couple play, in my opinion. This is because the Touch does not stay still when you put it on any part of your body and trying to hold it where you want it during sex is a pain. If you don’t hold it, it simply vibrates off of your body. It is fun for use during foreplay though.

That being said, I really like the quality of the orgasms that I get from this toy. Due to the weird shape it has, it not only feels good on the clitoris but feels fantastic when held up against the labia. You can even stimulate both areas if you tilt it the right way, which can lead to fantastic orgasms if you’re sensitive there.

The underside of the We-Vibe Touch

A really cool feature about the Touch is that if you hold the button down it will turn off after a few seconds and it will remember which pattern you were on. If you have a favourite or preferred pattern this is great because it means you don’t have to faff about trying to find it.


Unfortunately, the We-Vibe Touch is a dust magnet. This is somewhat common in silicone toys due to the material. However, because it is fully waterproof it means there are a lot of ways you can clean it; from toy cleaner to washing it in the sink with soap. This may come as a surprise but I don’t actually recommend baby wipes with this one as the fibres of the wipe can get left behind on the toy itself.


So now, here we are at the end of the review. I’ve mentioned good and bad things about this toy but overall I think it’s very good. I certainly wouldn’t say that it was perfect due to the dampened vibrations and inability to stay still but I definitely don’t think it’s bad. I’ve never found a toy that makes my labia feel the way that this one does before, so in that respect it’s wonderfully unique. I’m very happy to have it in my collection for this reason.

However, if you’re looking for mainly clitoral stimulation and like to press firmly, I would say the Touch is not for you. I think you will find it frustrating when the vibrations dampen in much the same way I do, so it wouldn’t be worth the price. Luckily, We-Vibe also have the Tango and Salsa vibrators which apparently don’t suffer from this problem. I would recommend that you buy those instead since they both have the same motor and the vibrations are fantastic.”

This vibrator recharges via a plug in your mains. No batteries needed!

You can buy the We-Vibe Touch from Strawberry Blushes by clicking the image.

Strawberry Blushes: what makes you happy!

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