Who are you?
Read my About page for the answer to this.

Why do you have two blogs?
Why I have two different blogs with the same content.

What things do you review?
At the moment, sex toys that I have been sent to test are the main things. I have also done some reviews for fetish wear and lingerie and am branching out into erotica. Soon I intend to start a “Fetish Films” review section.

Do you go to BDSM events in real life?
Yes, but only rarely and not without my Daddy.

Do you write reviews on BDSM events?
I am currently considering it.

Can I add you on Fet/CM/IC/etc?
Yes, you can. However, do read my profile and remember to at least send one message first or I may just delete your request.

Can I link to your blog?
Sure! Take one of the following banners and let me know where you post it!
Banners: 150×150 | 200×50 | 300×75 | 400×100 | 468×60 | 600×150

Will you link to me on your blog?
Sure! Just send me a banner (200×50) and I’ll add you on my sidebar. It would be nice if you linked back though.

I want to buy you something!
That’s very kind of you. Please head over to my wishlists and take a look at what there is.

I have a product you might be interested in. What should I do?
That’s great! Head on over to the Testing FAQ to learn more about my type of testing and what you can expect.


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