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Essay: Why I Enjoy Being Restrained

Why I Enjoy Being Restrained.Essay number 2. I was Ordered to do this essay because both Daddy and I have taken a real shine to bondage recently, particularly shibari (hover for brief definition). We have spent a lot of time trying new ties and bondage has consistently put me in subspace so this essay was bound to come up sooner or later.

Why I Enjoy Being Restrained:

There are many reasons I enjoy being restrained; some emotional, some physical and some psychological. It is not a simple topic to explain since it affects me in so many different ways. Some things depend upon who has done the tie, whereas some depend on my mindset at the time. It is a complex subject but that is why it is all the more interesting to discuss.

“In terms of who does the tying, my Daddy has taken the time to do quite a few ties on me but I have done it for myself just once.”


Essay: What Service Means to Me

What Service Means to Me.Now, for a new section on my blog. I decided I would post essays about my thoughts on topics since Daddy had assigned me one a few months ago and I found it relatively fun. This one is a little more academic than the ones I might submit later on but I really like a lot of what I have said in it anyway and I hope you do too.

What Service Means to Me:

The word ‘service’ has many meanings. According to dictionary.com, it can mean a dish set, maintenance of objects or helpful activities done by individuals for the benefit of others. This essay focuses on the last definition, and the various ways in which these activities are carried out.