Review: ÜberKinky Wartenberg Pinwheel

A long thin metal object with a spiked wheel on the end.The lovely kinksters at ÜberKinky sent me this gorgeous pinwheel as a tester product alongside their bondage tape a few weeks ago. I was really happy to receive it since I’ve had an interest in one of these for a while but didn’t get the chance to properly review it until now.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I’d been interested in one of these pinwheels for a few months when ÜberKinky asked me to test it. A friend of mine on FetLife had been telling me about them and how fun they were but I wasn’t completely sold on them. As far as I could see, they looked a little worrying because of their spikes and I wasn’t sure if I would actually like one or not. The same day that I added a pinwheel to one of my wishlists, the offer to test one cropped up and I jumped on the chance despite my worries.



The ÜberKinky Wartenberg Pinwheel comes in a sleeve that is black on one side, see-through on the other and closes via a white popper on the top. It is very minimalist and isn’t particularly interesting but that doesn’t matter: the pinwheel needs no flashy packaging as its design speaks for itself.

Simple but very pretty, this pinwheel is fantastic and wouldn’t look out of place in any hospital operating room. It even has ribbing along the bottom which not only makes it look good but is actually functional as it makes the pinwheel easier to hold on to. The weight of the pinwheel is also very comfortable as it feels heavy enough to be a proper tool yet light enough to use as freely as you desire.

Wartenberg Pinwheel on top of its packaging.


The pinwheel is incredibly easy to use: simply hold the ribbed end and roll the wheel along your preferred bit of skin. How painful it is depends on how much strength you put into it, making it versatile as a tickling type of toy as well as a pain one. When Daddy used it on me, he blindfolded me and alternated between using the pinwheel and a wand to vary the sensations I got as well as changing between light presses and firm ones on my skin. I noticed that on sensitive areas it can feel quite painful; particularly recently-shaved areas where the hair has started to grow back. If your partner shaves I would recommend avoiding use over places like that unless the hair is completely gone as it is more uncomfortable than pleasant.

Wartenberg Pinwheel in Daddy's hand.


This ÜberKinky Wartenberg Pinwheel is made of stainless steel so it is actually very easy to clean. On their website, ÜberKinky recommend that you sterilise it properly by boiling it or putting it inside an Autoclave (hover for brief explanation) but I found that a baby wipe was enough to suffice. Of course, I had to be very careful when using it because the pinwheel tore the wipe the first time. ÜberKinky also offer proper sterilising wipes if you would prefer those. If you use it on any area that has its own fluids or accidentally bring up blood I would recommend boiling it just to make sure. This goes double if you have more than one partner that you want to use it on.


If you’re used to pinwheels, then you’ll be quite happy with this one. However, if you want something a bit more interesting, you can also buy a triple version or a five headed version to increase your sensations.

Personally, I quite liked this toy. It works well for medical play but can also be used for sensory play if one partner is blindfolded. Because it can cause a range of sensations it is lovely to use and can adapt to a lot of different situations if the person in charge of it wants to. A great addition to my collection and one I hope to use more and more!”

You can buy the ÜberKinky Wartenberg Pinwheel from ÜberKinky by clicking the image in the comments.


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  1. subrei says :

    You can buy this awesome pinwheel here: ÜberKinky: it's not a fetish, it's a way of life!

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