Review: Beginners Basic Vibrating Mega Ring

A orange-tinged jelly cock ring with vibrator on the top.This review has been written for an item I received back in 2010 when I lived with my Daddy. We still have the cock ring now and upon seeing it I decided to write a review.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“We got this toy when I noticed I had enough Oh! Points to warrant a purchase. Being curious about cock rings and vibrating ones in particular, I ordered this from Lovehoney without even mentioning it to Daddy. I wanted to surprise him with it when he came back from visiting his family and waited for it eagerly to arrive in the post. When it did, I was over the moon and hid it in a drawer until he arrived.

One of the reasons I was so excited to try it is that I find it difficult to orgasm without a vibrator and thought this would solve all my worries about being able to climax during sex. This has never particularly been a strain on our relationship but it did make me feel guilty for quite a long time so I was willing to try anything once. Sadly, he wasn’t nearly as excited with the idea but agreed to try it out anyway.


When this toy arrived, it came in a small plastic sealed bag just like on the Lovehoney website. It guaranteed a sterile toy and would keep the dirt off until the toy was ready for use. However, when I opened the packet it became unusable so I had to throw it away and keep the cock ring in a drawer instead. That being said, I did like the packaging of this toy since it was very efficient and pleasant to look at.

The ring itself has the texture of jelly and is very stretchy so would likely fit all sizes of men. The top part where the bullet resides is plastic but also covered in the jelly-like material and that is where the texture begins. The texture itself is strange and looks rougher than it feels. The switch on the vibrating part is made of plastic and moves easily with the flick of a fingertip.


The Beginners Basic Vibrating Mega Ring is very easy to use: simply get your man excited and then slip it over the head of his penis until it fits snugly at the base of his cock. Make sure that the chunky part is at the top and that the strange texture is facing away from him so that it can stimulate you. From there, it’s even simpler: just flick the switch at the side and it will begin to vibrate. Obviously, it switches off in the same way which is great since it saves the vibrations for when you want them most.


Daddy did report that he could feel the vibrations through his cock and he did feel that it made him harder and able to last longer. He thought it was okay.

For me, this ring did pretty much nothing, even when it was set to vibrate. It couldn’t line up with my clit properly unless I was forcibly holding it there and the vibrations themselves were not really strong enough. I was quite disappointed by this since it also made him unable to go as deep inside me.

We kept it to use when Daddy wants a stronger erection (perfect for a Clone-A-Willy Kit) but don’t use it besides that since it doesn’t do much for me.


To clean this toy, all you really need are some wet wipes. Any dirt comes off it very easily due to its jelly-like texture, which I personally think is wonderful as it makes clean-up time a lot faster – great for if you only want a quickie!

I did, however, find that when it wasn’t in the packet it managed to pick up all sorts of dirt due to the jelly texture and this was very off-putting at times. It looked quite disgusting and needed a clean before and after every use otherwise it would just worry me.


The Beginners Basic Vibrating Mega Ring is very easy to use and if you don’t mind having to clean it a lot or keep it in a special bag it’s pretty good. The price is very reasonable and the way you can conserve the battery for when you want it is pretty neat. The vibration function did nothing for me personally but that doesn’t mean it won’t do something for someone else.

Since this toy is easy to clean and seemingly gives a harder erection, I’d say it’s worth getting. If you’re a beginner to cock rings, then this is a good place to start.”

You can buy the Beginners Basic Vibrating Mega Ring from Lovehoney by clicking the link in the comments.


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