Review: Give Lube Silicone+

Silicone LubeThis review is sponsored by Give Lube, who kindly sent me a tester set to try.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5


The design of these Silicone+ bottles is gorgeous. The bottles themselves are very tall and coupled with the black and silver colours, look very elegant and sophisticated. To me the designs scream class, which I never thought I would see from a bottle of lubricant.

The picture gives an accurate size comparison between the two bottles: the midi holds 100ml of lube whereas the mini holds only 30ml. The mini bottle is also small enough to pop in my handbag, which is great for when I’m travelling.


There are only three ingredients in this lube: silicone, silicone and silicone! Check them out here:





The texture is like oil (though there is no oil in it!) and it feels alright on my skin. It isn’t particularly sticky either, so is quite easy to wash off.

Silicone+ has no smell at all, which is nice since it makes it even more discreet than other lubes. It has very little taste as well but it does slightly tingle on the tongue.


The first time we tested this lube, we used it for normal sex. Applying the lube was easy enough; it is very slippery and goes on without any fuss. It feels good on the skin and it got us excited while we watched each other apply it. However, after we’d started having sex it started to feel uncomfortable. Both of us felt a somewhat burning sensation which we assumed was supposed to be what it felt like. Though we’ve used silicone lube before, neither of us remembered how it felt so we just finished up and went to wash it off. The weird burning was more of a discomfort for me than him, since I’m particularly sensitive to pain and this put me off testing it on myself for a while. It was particularly annoying for him since he felt like he was wearing a condom the whole time as well.

Later on, we decided to try it with anal. Luckily for me, my Daddy is quite into anal play and so we tried it on him. When on his cock again, he complained about a lessened sensation but when it went inside him he loved it. He preferred it to our usual water-based lubes because it wasn’t as cold and adjusted to the heat of his body quickly. It also seemed to turn him on more, which was a pleasant surprise.

After seeing his new reaction, I got brave again and we tried using it on me. Instead of having sex, I used my favourite vibrator since it is made of plastic and wouldn’t be distressed by the lube. Quite frankly, it felt really good. I could see why he had enjoyed it so much; it felt very warm and the tingly feeling was stimulating rather than uncomfortable this time.

We decided in the end to not use it for oral sex because I have a very strong gag reflex and any extra moisture triggers it. However, due to the lack of taste and smell, I would say that it is probably quite good for oral use as well. It depends how it feels on your partner’s genitals whether it would be worth doing.


After use, we washed it off as quickly as possible due to the burning discomfort we were both feeling. It came off quite easily when we were in the shower and didn’t leave much if any discomfort afterwards.

When we only used it anally it was not nearly as much of an issue to wash it off and so tissues and baby wipes sufficed here. It washed easily off my toy as well. The bottles themselves are wiped clean with little effort, too, due to the lovely design.


I feel that this lube is only good for us when we use it anally but it feels fantastic when we do that. We both thought it quite strange that it felt so different depending on where it was applied, however this isn’t much of a deterrent. When it feels good, it feels very good and is very much worth using. It won’t be replacing my favourite water-based lube for most sexual activities but you can bet we’ll use it when we’re feeling naughty.

For each time we used it, we found that we didn’t need a lot of it. It lasted quite well, which we were very pleased about. It’s very good value for money.

If you want to get this lube, I recommend buying it in the mini size first so you can see if it works for you and your needs.”

You can buy Give Lube’s Silicone+ from in the midi or mini size by clicking the link in the comments.

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  1. subrei says :

    You can buy this lube here: Give Lube Silicone+ Midi (100ml) and here: Give Lube Silicone+ mini (30ml).

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