Review: Crimes of Passion story 1

Novel with a woman pointing a gun at the viewer on the cover.This review is exclusive to my blog. A more general review of this XciteBooks collection will be posted directly on the website. Let me just say this; I have read good, interesting erotica before and this story does not fit the description. I dislike writing bad reviews but I feel like this needs to be done.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 1: Rough Justice by Angel Propps (pages 1-10)

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“I tried to read this story first since it’s easier for me to go through from beginning to end rather than read random sections. However, this story just pissed me off. Every time I began to read the first sentence I became agitated and had put it down by the end of the first paragraph.

The bike purred under Kelliann’s ass and pussy as she headed down the empty highway.

This is how the story opens; the idea of subtlety is completely lost on this author. It goes on to talk about how she always gets aroused by motorbikes and then how someone is following her and how awesome bikes are before both riders dismount and eventually get down to the dirty.

To be honest, the mild backstory (the crime) is actually somewhat interesting but the writing and the descriptions leave me cold. Everything is overtly sexual and the characters seem unable to control themselves even though their attraction makes very little sense. The main character (Kelliann) in particular seems like she is a walking sexdoll – every single thing, erotic or not, turns her on and we are treated to descriptions of such that made me roll my eyes.

Slick, hot liquid bubbled from between her thighs…

This supposed to be sexy? Bubbled, honestly?

The police officer (Presley) isn’t much better, to be honest. She finds a sex dungeon in Kelliann’s cabin and goes through it, magically getting turned on by the implements within before sparking a discussion about whips and testing one out. From here, they just start ripping clothes off and getting down to business but it all just feels so forced that it isn’t erotic at all.

The only reason Presley found the sex dungeon is because Kelliann can’t stop looking at the door – something I found unbelievable. It seems like Kelliann is so horny she can’t help but get herself in trouble, which is more annoying than sexy. She was so predictable and boring that I began to hate her. I didn’t actually want to finish it at this point – why would I want to see two cardboard cutout women having orgasms? It was just so unrealistic that it didn’t arouse me at all.

Worst of all, this author needs a bloody thesaurus. The word “cock” was used 18 times in the short three pages where the two women have sex. As a reminder, the story is only ten pages long (as are the others in this collection). It was so annoying to read the same word over and over that if I had been immersed in the sex I would have been put off anyway. The ending as well was eye-rollingly predictable and stupid. I genuinely don’t know how something so fake, repetitive and unerotic got published.

Indeed, it would almost be appropriate to quote the author herself as the final word:

…too much like a bad novel.

However, this doesn’t ring true since stringing this drivel out for a whole novel would at least be a testament to the writer’s endurance, to say nothing of the endurance of her ‘audience’.”

Story 2: In Brief by Kate J. Cameron →

You can buy this collection of stories from by clicking the link in the comments or direct from the publisher at XciteBooks.

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