Review: Crimes of Passion story 2

Novel with a woman pointing a gun at the viewer on the cover.This review is exclusive to my blog. A more general review of this XciteBooks collection will be posted directly on the website.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 2: In Brief by Kate J. Cameron (pages 11-21)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“After the disappointment and annoyance that was the first story in this collection, I didn’t really want to keep reading through them all. I expected that I would receive the same type of headache-inducing drivel and be forced to write more bad reviews. I really dislike having to write bad reviews because it makes me feel guilty for disliking something, even if the reasons are justified. I prepared to read this story with a heavy heart…

…Only to be pleasantly surprised.

This story deals with lawyers rather than an actual crime, which was interesting to me considering the subtitle of the book. I doubted any crimes would take place during this tale and I was right, though I think it is actually a very fun story. Of course, that doesn’t mean it is perfect.

The main plot going on is that the two lawyers are going head to head for their clients to sort out a business deal gone wrong. The male character, Jack, is on the side of a company that hires others to do things for them whereas the female character, Kara, is supporting the hired help. Obviously, they are the only two left in the office because they have been arguing over the same point for apparently four hours and everyone else got sick of it and left. This perfectly set the scene for some sexy times, which I felt deep-down was going to be filled with silly lines that would make me sigh.

The first page didn’t disappoint me with eye-rolling descriptions; Jack “The Hammer” Hamilton not being a subtle nickname by any stretch of the imagination. The fact that Kara knows the guy’s exact height and weight is a little disturbing to me as well, though I know the author is just trying to help the audience get a better mental image.

Right from the start of the story you can tell that both characters have a rivalry going on, which I find pretty hot in general. The amount of frustration and hatred between them was palpable and as they bickered back and forth it was obvious where it was going to go. Predictability is not always a bad thing though, as the scene was set long enough for their interactions to seem somewhat realistic and for me to be able to invest in them before they started humping like rabbits. I actually found their snarky exchanges to be quite amusing and giggled my way through this story with a smile on my face.

Kara is a very fiesty woman who won’t back down and I like that a lot. She isn’t like other characters who will give in to their lust and suddenly be in love; she takes what she wants while hurling insult after insult, her partner responding in kind.

Jack is an arrogant prick who loves talking down to Kara and trying to make her feel small. He insults her because of her gender and tries to insult her intelligence but the way she responds to him makes this completely inoffensive.

There were moments in the story where I was drawn out of it a little, due to not knowing whether something was a typo (“oil bidness”) or just Jack being condescending. There was also a small paragraph where Kara feels the need to tell me the brand names of the things she is flinging at him, which felt forced and superfluous to me.

The way they keep trying to get one over on each other is not just entertaining but I felt like it was quite realistic, too. The situation builds up appropriately into hate sex, with banter and insults flying from one character to the other. The sex itself is very equal as well, with both partners giving and receiving oral; something I have rarely seen in erotica I have read.

There are more cheesy lines in this but they aren’t terrible:

…combined into an odour that screamed “man”.

…so that’s why he’s called the hammer…

…Well, not as terrible as they could be.

There is a lot of power play going on in this story and it is very hot; working perfectly for the situation. The two exchange blows here and there which only makes the atmosphere more intense. The way they decide to try and make the other finish first is both amusing and arousing, too.

At the end, I was pleased to see Kara win in both the sexual battle and the legal one with her perfect suggestion to sort it out between the clients. It was very satisfying.

Overall I quite enjoyed this tale, which was unexpected. I’m looking forward to reading story 3 now.”

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You can buy this collection of stories from by clicking the link in the comments or direct from the publisher at XciteBooks.


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