Testimonial: Pixies GuestHouse

Pixies GuestHouse - Bed and Breakfast for Like Minded AdultsWe stayed in Pixies GuestHouse the other week when we were visiting AtlantisEVOLUTION for the fetish night. The only clientèle are those that attend AtlantisEVOLUTION to ensure that every person staying is like minded and create a comfortable atmosphere for all involved. The guesthouse is still in the process of being maintained daily, so when we went there were some things missing that will be added soon.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5


Pixies is located in a cosy private Cul de Sac of Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent, just a few minutes away from the AtlantisEVOLUTION club. From the front, it looks like just a normal house as the hosts are very discreet and want to keep things comfortable for their guests. They even live right next door for everyone’s convenience.

It is important to note that the guesthouse only opened on the 1st June 2012 so a lot of things are still being worked on. The lovely hosts are very open to all sorts of feedback and suggestions that you might have during your stay.


The hosts of Pixies are Sasha and Jed; a very kind and personable swinger couple who have been together for 4 years. Jed is 57, used to run the guesthouse down in Darlaston for the Chameleons club for 8 years and previously was the manager of Papillon des Alpes, a swinger hotel in Verbier, Switzerland. Sasha is 30 years old and met Jed while he was working for Chameleons before they decided to move and start Pixies in Stoke-on-Trent.

Both of them run the guesthouse by themselves and are the people to talk to if there are any problems. Sasha is very friendly, outgoing and loves to chat whereas Jed tends to stick around in the background and keep things running smoothly. Both of them are very lovely and easy to talk to though, so feel free to engage them in conversation whenever you wish.


Pixies has 4 bedrooms upstairs for guests to sleep in, a downstairs bathroom, a lounge/dining area and a kitchen. There is also a back door leading to a small garden which is set to have a lot of work done. A fifth bedroom was downstairs (formerly The Red Room) but it is being changed around into the hosts’ own house next door where there is also a Yellow Room in progress. The Red Room in the guest house is set to become a proper lounge area for the guests to relax and get to know each other properly.

Due to the fact that the club is generally a Swingers club, it is expected that guests will be able to negotiate using the bathroom between themselves, though changes are in place for that as well. I won’t tell you all the details about future changes since they haven’t got much bearing on the quality of the guesthouse when I stayed. I’ll only mention the ones that impacted on my stay.


The price of booking is £50. This is the price whether you are coming alone or as a couple, since the price is based on room instead of the number of guests. When you book online, you get the option of having a smoking room or a non-smoking room. We opted for non-smoking since neither of us smoke.

When we arrived, we were escorted to The Beige Room, since the hosts had been making adjustments to the other rooms and they weren’t quite ready yet. The other available rooms can be found on their website. Each room has a completely different design to the others, based around the colour themes of the rooms. Though it would probably have been easy to get the exact same things in various colours, Jed and Sasha instead decide to make each room as unique as possible and it is stunning.

Here is a basic inventory of things provided in The Biege Room:

  • Bed
  • Two bedside tables
  • Two ashtrays
  • Two lamps
  • A long cable near the head of the bed to turn the main light on and off
  • A large 3D-capable TV
  • A DVD player
  • A clock
  • A full-length mirror
  • One wardrobe
  • One very comfortable sitting chair
  • One large chest of drawers with a spare set of bedding inside
  • One low table covered with various items
  • An ironing board
  • An iron
  • A trouser press
  • A hairdryer
  • A kettle
  • Two cups, saucers and spoons
  • Jars of sugar, tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • A thermos of cold milk
  • Four towels each per person – a flannel, two head towels and a body towel

As you can see, pretty much everything you want has been catered for, though the rooms are not en-suite. The hosts have done their best to make up for this, however, as they have gone above and beyond in a lot of other aspects. Inside the room, there are loads of small things that other hotels and BnBs don’t think about providing for you. A lot of the time, you have to bring everything you will need yourself or buy it when you arrive, such as toothbrushes.

This isn’t the case at Pixies; they understand their customers’ needs very well. That’s why they provide you with everything you could possibly want, brand new and still in the original packaging.

Photographs of the lovely Beige Room

Extras provided were the following:

  • A veil over the top of the bed
  • A box of ferrero rocher on the bed
  • A set of toothbrushes
  • A set of boot polish
  • Small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, hand sanitiser and moisturiser
  • A razor with spare blades
  • A sewing kit with buttons
  • Two soft dressing gowns
  • Free secure WiFi in every room (just ask for the password!)

And this is only the beginning: after a talk with Jed, he confided in me that the rooms were actually only about half finished. There are a lot of improvements he has in store, such as fan lights to keep the room cool and mini fridges for whatever you want. As far as I can predict, the guesthouse will have constant maintenance going on for quite a while and each time you visit there will be something new to look forward to.


Jed and Sasha are very happy to come and collect you from the train station to take you to the guesthouse. They are also very kind in offering free courtesy transport wherever you like: they will take you to and from AtlantisEVOLUTION, to any shops such as the local Co-op or the further away Tesco and even drove us to a nearby takeaway when we wanted to get something after the club had shut.

One of the best things about this guesthouse is the breakfast. It is included in the price of the room, so it doesn’t cost you anything, whether you eat a little or a lot. There are all sorts of options available to choose from and you can pretty much eat at whatever time of the day you like. Not only is there a cereal option, but there is fresh fruit, various pastries, yoghurts, cold cooked meats and more! If you prefer cooked breakfast, that is definitely on the cards as well: Jed cooks a mean English breakfast! A full list of options is available on their Breakfast Menu.

An aspect of Pixies we haven’t yet used are the Special Occasions deals. I cannot tell you how they fare but from what I read on the website they seem like a damned good deal.


It’s unfortunate that I have to make this section but it needs to be done. So, what did I dislike about Pixies? Where did they fail me?

  1. For one, when we arrived there was no WiFi yet. This was remedied on the day we left when the ISP came around to install it.
  2. Another was that the doors to the rooms didn’t lock. Though we were the only people staying that night, my Daddy didn’t really like this as it made him uncomfortable. I talked to Jed about it and apparently he had just installed the new handles recently but hadn’t fixed the locking mechanisms yet. This has now been sorted, with each room having its own fully functional door key.
  3. In the room, there was a distinct lack of available plug sockets. This meant that to use my netbook or a phone charger I had to unplug everything else. When I tried to turn a lamp on later, I was frustrated that it didn’t work until I remembered I had unplugged it earlier on. Jed told me later that he plans to remedy this in the near future.
  4. After we had arrived at the guesthouse, we decided to go for a nap before we got ready to go to the club. When we woke up, neither host was in the guesthouse to talk to and Daddy had to call them from his phone. Unfortunately when we did call they didn’t seem to realise whom they were speaking to until Daddy specified. The guesthouse has no sort of reception room or desk since the owners live next door but it would benefit from an intercom between the two houses.
  5. When we came to reheat our takeaway later in the night, we found that the beautiful plates left for us to use were too large and too square to fit in either of the microwaves. We ended up using more dishes than we intended to because we had to microwave the food in a bowl but weren’t expected to clean them up so that was alright.
  6. Jed and Sasha were uncomfortable with the idea of locking us in the building overnight in case we wanted to go somewhere while they were asleep. The front door only has one locking mechanism and cannot be opened without a key so they left it unlocked. I discussed this with them and they have since gotten front door keys to lend to guests for the duration of their stay.

As you can see, a lot of these problems are either resolved now or set to be resolved in the near future, which is why the rating is a 4.


For the most part, Pixies GuestHouse blew me away. The care to detail in each room of the house was stunning, Jed and Sasha were absolutely lovely to talk to and it is set to have many many improvements in the next few months. Considering the fact that they have barely been open for 3 months I think they are doing extremely well and are certainly far better than our last stay in a nearby hotel. I am also really happy about the level of communication that Jed has in regard to improvements for the guesthouse – after I had told him the majority of my thoughts he enacted changes very quickly and it made me feel like my opinion was valued.

I really enjoyed the fact that the guesthouse is for patrons of AtlantisEVOLUTION exclusively – it’s a great little niche and made me feel quite comfortable while I stayed. When I think about the price, the perks and the quality of the service I can’t help but fall in love with this place and thus I recommend it highly.

You can find out more about Pixies GuestHouse or book a room with them by visiting their website.



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