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Review: Night School for Scandal

A blonde woman with massive white earrings and brown gloves.Another one of the novels sent to me for review by Xcite Books.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“I want to begin by admitting that I never managed to finish this book. I just couldn’t stand it any more after reading chapter 6. I genuinely hated reading this and that is one of the reasons I put off my review for so long, particularly after reading the short part about Angela Meadow’s struggle to write it. I empathised with her and didn’t really want to criticise when she had done her best. I debated for a while whether I had to finish it or whether I should even review it at all and decided it would be best to just get my opinion out of the way.

“As I read this book I found myself becoming more and more annoyed. It starts out with the main character, Joyce, at home after her husband has died.”


Review: Anovibe+ Anal Bead Waterproof Vibrator

A purple clear set of jelly beads in a line.I was sent this toy by Magic Moments back in August/September in exchange for my honest review. This review has taken a long time due to loads of factors, including the material of the toy and my health issues.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“This review has been a long time coming and been delayed for more reasons than I care to list. When I asked Magic Moments if I could review toys for them they asked me to create a list of what I would like and this was a toy that Daddy chose. At the time I was fairly new to all of this and didn’t actually know what it was that I had ended up asking for. So, here is my opinion now that I’m a bit better acquainted with sex toys.

“The Anovibe+ Anal Bead Waterproof Vibrator has a box that isn’t particularly interesting in terms of design. It has a circle/bubble pattern and the name of the toy on it but not much info other than that.”

Review: Daring Lingerie Seamed Stockings

Long black stockings with a seam down the back, reaching over the knee.A review for the supposedly hold-up Seamed Stockings made by Daring Lingerie. This review specifically relates to the black pair, since I never bought the white pair.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“I bought these stockings when I was looking online for a special outfit to wear outside on Daddy’s Orders. I was feeling a little anxious about the idea so I asked if I could buy these stockings as a present to myself and he agreed. Part of the reason he agreed is that I had been very good lately and my birthday was coming up but also because I love hosiery of all types. In fact, I have a fetish for wearing tights and stockings of any kind because they make me feel very sexy and stylish. My Daddy doesn’t really give two fucks about tights or stockings though, unless they’re particularly special.

In any case, I bought these for myself and waited nervously for them to arrive with the other things because I had actually wanted them for a while. There was another review for them at the time saying that they weren’t any good but I ignored it because I wanted them so much. This kind of turned out to be a mistake.

“To be honest, I don’t even remember what the packaging for these stockings was like.”

Review: Ann Summers Juicy Lube Range

Ann SummersToday I went into the Ann Summers shop in Manchester to look around because I’d seen some really beautiful lingerie online and wanted to see it in person. Unfortunately it wasn’t as nice as I had hoped, which led to me looking around more. Eventually I stumbled across the lube section, where there were some tester products on display. Not one to let an opportunity pass, I decided to taste all of them so I could write a blog post today.

The range I ended up tasting was Ann Summers’ own Juicy Lube set. So here are my thoughts on taste and texture.

“The mini tubes are adorable; they have a small size that looks great.”

Review: Crimes of Passion story 1

Novel with a woman pointing a gun at the viewer on the cover.This review is exclusive to my blog. A more general review of this XciteBooks collection will be posted directly on the sextoys.co.uk website. Let me just say this; I have read good, interesting erotica before and this story does not fit the description. I dislike writing bad reviews but I feel like this needs to be done.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 1: Rough Justice by Angel Propps (pages 1-10)

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“I tried to read this story first since it’s easier for me to go through from beginning to end rather than read random sections. However, this story just pissed me off.”