Review: Ladies Rolled Steel Collar with Ring

A shiny metal collar lying atop a pink drawstring bag.This review was sponsored by the lovely people over at Sexshop365, who sent me this collar to test.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“I had wanted a collar like this for a very long time when Sexshop365 asked me if I would like to review for them. Generally speaking, I don’t like to request expensive items from companies I haven’t worked with before but I gave them a link to my wishlist and joked that I’d like this collar. I told them I would be happy with anything from the list at all and asked them to surprise me with their choice. The next thing I knew I was told I was getting this and I was, quite frankly, over the moon. I’ve always wanted a locking collar that I could wear 24/7.

To find out if this collar fits that criteria, please read on!

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The package arrived from Sexshop365 very quickly and the contents were wrapped carefully. It was extremely discreet; there were no markings or words on it that gave away that it was from an adult retailer at all. At a glance you couldn’t tell what was inside the package at all, which is great because I live with my family.

The collar came inside a pinkish drawstring bag. Unlike some other drawstring bags, the one that arrived is big enough to fit the collar inside and closes properly with the black peg. Inside the bag, the collar had been wrapped in some sort of foam paper to protect it and then was stored in something that looks a lot like a food bag. I thought this was a strange decision at first but have kept wrapping it back into all these layers after use. I must admit that I am not very keen on the colour of the bag but since it does what it needs to I guess it doesn’t matter.

Pink drawstring bag.Other packaging.

In real life, this collar is just as stunning as in the pictures. It has a truly beautiful shine to it and feels very smooth all over. The O ring on the front is very flexible if you want to move it up or down, but it does not come off. If you want a collar without the ring, you will have to look elsewhere as this is the only steel collar offered by Sexshop365. As part of the collar there is also a screw and an Allen (hex) key to lock it in place with.

The maximum width this collar can fit around is probably 15 inches. If your neck is any thicker it will not fit at all and may even pinch your skin if you try to force it. My own neck is just about 14 3/4 inches and it fits me somewhat like a glove at the base. It can be moved around further up the neck but this is not ideal and I don’t recommend it since it can put too much pressure on the windpipe.

I wouldn’t say this collar had to be for women only. Neck sizes do differ between genders but they also differ based on how much you weigh; a larger lady may find it wouldn’t fit her at all whereas a slim man might find it quite comfortable. If you wanted this for a man I don’t think you should be put off by the fact that it is marketed towards women. We just happen to live in a society where it is more acceptable to say “for women” than “for thin people”.

As well as the collar, I got a small card with a discount code and a paper catalogue for the online shop. I thought this was a very nice detail as I haven’t really seen sex toy catalogues in paper format before.


As the title suggests, this collar is made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most body safe materials possible for people to use. It is both phthalate-free and non-porous. That’s why it is what a hell of a lot of cutlery and cooking utensils are made from, as well as the fact that it is easy to clean.

However, the Sexshop365 website also says that the collar is chrome-plated. I cannot tell if it is just steel or whether chrome-plating has been applied and since I cannot seem to find manufacturer details I am unsure if I will ever know. If you have ever had a strange reaction to chrome before, I would recommend steering clear of this collar just in case.


This collar has a lock on the side, which you close via a screw and an Allen (hex) key. The key itself is very thin and though I have used them before to build beds and such I had never seen one so small before. If you have a habit of losing things I would recommend you either getting this key copied or having a safe place where you keep it stored. Since Daddy has often lost things before we made sure to keep ours in the pink drawstring bag at all times.

Collar unlocked.

It takes quite a while to screw this collar on properly, so if you are in a rush it is not worth trying. The screw itself requires quite a few twists so you ought to dedicate a few minutes to it at a time. I wanted to wear mine when we went out one evening but since we didn’t factor in the time it would take to put on I had to leave without it. It was disappointing!


Every time I put this collar on, it starts off very cold. This is due to the fact that it is made of metal but it warms to your own body temperature pretty quickly. It is not a light collar; it has a fair amount of weight to it which can become difficult to ignore if you wear it for long periods. Depending on how thin you are or how much your bones stick out it will sit heavily on your collarbones and this may be uncomfortable for some. The plus side to this is that it is not a collar that you can easily forget you’re wearing. Of course, there were time periods where I didn’t actively notice it but the second I remembered or thought about it I felt its full weight again.

This collar is also not subtle; when moving briskly the O ring moves around and makes jingly sounds like a cat collar. I personally really enjoyed this though it means you have to be careful if others are around. The thickness of the collar itself also means that it is difficult to conceal with other forms of clothing. If you hide your dynamic from other people then I would recommend only wearing it in private.

Locked collar.

Due to how long it takes to put on and take off it is not suitable for those who are claustrophobic or only want very short periods of play. I also would not recommend it to beginners or people who have no patience for the same reason. If you never intend to take it off, however, I think this collar is a good choice.

I wore it for about 36 hours straight at one point and I loved every minute of it. I wore it outside in the cold weather as Daddy and I went on a walk, I slept in it and even showered whilst wearing it – I did not want to take it off! I was really upset when he did finally take it off me, though I knew the only reason was because I had to return to my family.


As I mentioned on Twitter, Daddy instantly got an erection when he saw this collar for the first time. I can’t blame him for it either since I felt similarly when I opened it by myself. After I’d stroked the cold metal and put it around my neck, my head was already feeling fuzzy like I was slipping into subspace. This effect usually is only reached when I’m bound in ropes so I was quite surprised to get that reaction from simply putting it around my neck.

Of course, when Daddy put it around my neck it was a much more intense feeling and that was amazing. It was very difficult not to feel sexy in it, not just because of the implications of wear but because of the way Daddy looked at me when I was in it. Wearing it made me feel wonderful. Looking at it in the mirror made me feel sexy. I don’t often like to talk about it because it’s depressing but I have low self-esteem and I spend more time complaining about how I look than feeling comfortable. I didn’t have any bad thoughts while I wore this. Take that as you will.


I took a shower with this collar on and had no adverse effects at all. I used shampoo, conditioner and some body wash and there were no problems with any of them. When I dried myself off I dried the collar with a towel too but didn’t take it off my neck until a lot later. The hinges and screw side had no signs of rust or other damage.

It is very likely that you can clean this collar in any way you like. I wouldn’t recommend using anything abrasive however as this can make it less shiny. I also wouldn’t recommend leaving it submerged in water for any long period of time. Drying it off with a towel or something soft is a good option.


I was not at all disappointed with this collar. Everything about it seems perfect for me and I love how it feels when I wear it. I was extremely pleased that it held up in different heat situations and in the shower. I think that this collar would be perfect if you wanted one for 24/7 wear. The only thing I don’t love is the colour of the bag, which is irrelevant if you intend to never take it off.”

You can buy the Ladies Rolled Steel Collar with Ring from Sexshop365 by clicking the image.

Sexshop365: helping you live your sex life!

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