Review: Tops and Bottoms Discipline Delights story 8

A brunette wearing a shiny corset holding a paddle.This review is for a story from a BDSM anthology sent to me by the amazing people at Xcite Books.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 8: Smile for the Camera by Kathleen Tudor (pages 76-81)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“When I first read the title for this story, I expected it to be about a kinky photoshoot. I also expected it to be maledom/femsub with a heavy dose of compliments, teasing and eventual sex. It wasn’t. I’m not entirely sure why this was my first assumption considering the cover has a Domme with a paddle, but that’s what I immediately thought. Initially this was a disappointment since I find that kind of scenario extremely arousing but I decided to read the story anyway.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title of my blog and my life choices in the BDSM circle, femdom/malesub isn’t really my thing. It simply doesn’t work for me. So when I saw that this story had that setup I had my doubts as to whether it was going to be right for me or not. I approached this story with brief caution until I noticed that the relationship depicted was long distance – and had orders to boot! Since this is how my own BDSM relationship is I suddenly became quite interested.

So, instead of a camera the story revolves around the use of a webcam. I quite liked this because webcams have generally become quite ingrained in our society now and I personally find the idea exciting. What was especially good about this in the story was that Scarlet – the Domme – decided not to let her sub view her. This is akin to using a blindfold but over the internet and I think it’s fantastic.

The relationship between the Domme and her sub – whose name is James – is actually a little fleshed out. To be honest it isn’t as detailed as perhaps it could have been but in 5 pages it was pretty good. The part about no safe words needed surprised me. I didn’t expect to hear about safe words at all since most people don’t include them in short stories but I liked it a lot. I liked that it implied they had a system for it, especially since he is her new sub.

I also like the amount of detail that has gone into her hiding her expressions and emotions from him. It shows that while she is firm she is actually enjoying herself. If you have looked around on BDSM sites before you will have noticed that Dommes tend to have a cold or firm expression when they deal with male subs. I spent a lot of time wondering if they even enjoyed what they were doing so I think it is nice to see it from a Domme’s perspective. You can see how much she is getting off on it when she asks him if he enjoys making her punish him.

The communication between them was great as well; I personally feel communication is a large factor in every type of play so it made me feel happy to see it here. Another thing that was good is that the story features sex toys. Furthermore, not only are they being used but Scarlet has used toys similar to the ones she is making her sub use! I like it when Dominants have experienced similar things to their subs because it makes me feel more confident that they know what they’re doing. There were other things about this I liked; the use of a condom on a particular type of toy made me feel comfortable. It was then followed up by the use of a rubber toy without a condom, which made me uncomfortable and sad. It drew me out of the story a bit to cringe but that’s the issue with being a sex toy snob I guess.

There were a few lines that I really enjoyed reading but I’ll quote just one since the story was very short (and I’m trying not to spoil too much for once!):

She wasn’t simply his domme, she was his guide, taking him to new levels of pleasure and teaching him exquisite new pain.

I enjoyed the dynamic between them and I especially enjoyed seeing it from the perspective of the Domme since I don’t really know that feeling myself. I loved hoe Scarlet handled the situation and her reactions to what happened were pleasing. There were times where I felt I would do the same thing in her position which made it more engaging for me.

Obviously, during the course of the story a punishment is given and James has to do it or face being in huge trouble. There are points where Scarlet pushes his limits but she also rewards him for doing well. I personally think the reward was fitting and I was quite pleased by the ending line. The only way I can describe it is to call it “a winner”.

For a six page story, this was extremely well done, despite the few things that bothered me. I liked the characters being fleshed out, I liked the new perspective on something I hadn’t previously understood and I liked the levels of sexiness as well as humour that the story gave me. If you’re even slightly interested in this type of story or dynamic you should read this. Kathleen Tudor has written a very fun and sexy tale!”

You can buy the Tops and Bottoms Discipline Delights anthology from Xcite Books by clicking the image.

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