Review: Bad Boys anthology

Two men lying on a bed awkwardly trying to kiss and touch each other.This review was sponsored by the kind people at Xcite Books, who sent me a copy to review.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“When I was sent this book, I prepared for the worst. I often find myself looking at Xcite books and readying my eyes to roll into the back of my head. I suppose I’m difficult to please, but I find a lot of erotica leaves me wanting for various reasons. This anthology, however, did not.



Cover Design:

Unlike other Xcite Books novels, this one does not tell you who designed this cover. It’s a shame as well, because I’d like to know who decided that this cover picture was a good idea. At the first glance it looks very sexy and sensual but on further examination, it just looks like the models are both feeling awkward. They’re not even kissing and the one with hair is barely touching the other guy’s shoulder at all. It’s actually very disappointing.

I did like that it is different to their standard range though. I particularly liked that the Xcite logo has been modified into a rainbow as well. It’s a little cliché but I thought it was a nice touch. I also liked that the back cover advertises other gay books rather than just other books from the Xcite range; it’s that sort of detail that makes me very happy with a company because they clearly know their audience.

Font and layout:

As with all Xcite books, this is the same: It’s Times New Roman and there is no superfluous spacing between paragraphs. Personally, I prefer spaces between them as I find it easier to read but I do think it looks okay without. It’s easy enough to read, in any case.


This book has all sorts of content though the main focus is on gay sex. From common 1-on-1 sex scenes to threesomes, monogamous relationships to one night stands, vanilla to BDSM, I believe this anthology has something for everyone. Of course, everyone who likes two guys getting sexy with each other!

Story list:

Story 1: Kid Trouble’s Dragon by Jason Haywood (pages 1-13)
He has a real bad thing for tattoos, and the men who often get them. Not the scrappy doodles but proper work done with skill and an eye for detail. For him, they turn a hot guy into something far hotter. So you can imagine how much of an impact Kid Trouble – The Tattooed Terror – makes on him when he sees him performing in Ted Harker’s Circus of Curiosities. And why he desperately wanted to get a private viewing later on…

Story 2: Film Noir by Ed Nichols (pages 14-22)
Scott reluctantly agrees to help out at the foreign film festival run by his boyfriends, Xavier and Ben, even though he can’t think of a more boring way to spend a nice day. Once his work is done, he decides to steal a nap in the back of the theatre during a particularly boring film. But when Scott gets caught snoring, Ben and Xavier exact their revenge.

Story 3: Model Me by Lynn Lake (pages 23-32)
The art class model was as beautiful as any Old Master’s painting, an original unveiled right there in front of everyone. Louis licked his cracked dry lips, as he studied that which all of the women and men (straight and otherwise) were openly gaping unartistically at – the smooth, cut, hooded cock that dangled from the model’s groin to awesome effect. The young artist knew right then he had to paint his own private portrait of the model, the erotic image that poured out of his fevered mind and onto his frenzied brush. And then he turned art into life, beyond his wildest imaginings.

Story 4: Taking the Bait by P.A Friday (pages 33-40)
Sometimes, the best way to get what you want is to lay out the bait and wait for someone to take it – in this case, a pretty boy who’s willing to be led through the evening streets with a makeshift leash around his neck, prepared to do whatever you ask of him…

Story 5: Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter by Beverly Langland (pages 41-53)
Falsely accused of stealing, Midshipman George Ludlow suffers a degrading flogging and is put ashore in Antigua. Abandoned in a strange land with no money, no friends, and having to find his own way home, George is obliged to beg. An old sailor looks kindly on George and offers to buy him supper in exchange for his story. George has much to tell, but will the old sailor take pity on George, or take advantage of a vulnerable young man?

Story 6: Hiding Out in His Sauna by Richard Hiscock (pages 54-61)
He gets more than he bargained for when he decides to take some time out for himself by finishing off to relax in the sauna. With steam billowing around him the door opens allowing two men to enter. Neither of them knows he’s there – but they soon find out.

Story 7: In The Dark by Jerry Wilson (pages 62-71)
Doctor Fox, he sucks cocks – and the Doctor is in. Where some people would describe themselves as fanatical chocoholics, Johnny Fox is a full time cock-o-holic. Different words, but the craving is still the same. Which is why he’s the resident oral sexpert, and his place of business just happens to be in the dark room at the back of a local gay pub. He’s there most nights, with Marcus Sugarcane, taking on all comers who fancy presenting their goods for an appraisal.

Story 8: Short Orders by E.C. Cutler (pages 72-81)
Riley might be the best-looking bus boy Gray’s ever employed in his diner, but he’s also lazy and rude to customers. So when Gray catches him stealing from a co-worker’s purse, he knows there’s only one way to make sure Riley learns his lesson and becomes a model employee…

Story 9: Lucky Buck by G.R. Richards (pages 82-93)
Buck can’t sleep. All night, his neighbours have been banging their headboard against the wall and shouting things like, “You want it, twink?” and “Give it to me, Rod!” Buck keeps thinking how inane and repetitive they sound, until he realises – they’re making a porno next door! Well, he stomps right over to the next apartment to give them a piece of his mind, but it turns out they want a piece of him. Their movie could use a third man, and Buck is in the right place at the right time.

Story 10: Dreams Come True by Amber March (pages 94-105)
Quiet post-graduate student Oliver’s tongue tends to be loosened by drink. One night he makes the mistake of telling his friend Harry how he’d love to be dominated by a bigger man who wouldn’t take no for an answer. On his way out one night, Oliver finds himself pinned to the wall by a stranger who has come to fulfil all his dreams…

Story 11: Stud Poker by Landon Dixon (pages 106-114)
Brent had crashed at his buddy’s place after an all-night poker session. And when he woke up, he found his cock in his Jockeys as stiff as an ace-high straight, tenting his thin underwear like a tall stack of chips. And he found his buddy’s roommate, Kurt, sitting on the edge of the bed, the man’s warm, brown hand dealing Brent’s bare, muscled thigh a caress. The two events seemed to be strangely related. Virgin Brent didn’t know whether to walk away or run; or actually let Kurt play his hand out. Could “poke-him” be even more fun than po-ker?

Story 12: Spangle by Alcamia Payne (pages 115-130)
Failed rocker Spangle’s life is turned upside down when he falls in love with Italian stockbroker Faldo. Spangle thinks Faldo’s fallen for his badass rocker image and, scared of ruining his macho persona by admitting he’s really an exotic stripper, he gets trapped in a web of lies which threaten to spoil everything. When Spangle shuts Faldo out of his fake late-night rocker rehearsals, Faldo becomes suspicious Spangle has a lover and their love affair is threatened. Right when Spangle is about to lose Faldo, though, a comedic error means Spangle is forced to reveal the truth, with unexpected results.

Story 13: The Wrong Side of the Glass by Josephine Myles (pages 131-136)
A laugh with some mates down the pub, a few too many Screaming Orgasms made with cheap vodka, and what do you know, Pete’s got the hiccups again. Worse yet, he knows from past experience the only way to make them go away is to starve his body of oxygen, so he heads outside to suffocate himself quietly. However, the sexy, smoking man in the alleyway suggests a cure that sounds like far more fun … for both of them!

Story 14: The Stable Hand by Jasmine Benedict (pages 137-153)
Victor Hatridge is the most eligible bachelor in the county. Hattie Sherritt is the most eligible lady. Hattie believes herself the perfect bride for Victor, but Victor has no interest in the tiring conventions that polite society would have forced upon him. Victor has his eye, his desire and, just perhaps, his heart set firmly upon another – a secret, forbidden lover in the shape of his gruff stable hand, Eli Brown. When Eli interrupts a dinner party, intent upon stealing a moment with his master in the stables, Victor slowly comes to realise just how little he cares for the world outside that draughty old building and them.

Story 15: Boys of Summer by Michael Bracken (pages 154-160)
Delbert, Gary, and Carl are three good ol’ Texas boys trying to beat the heat when they sneak down to the swimming hole on Old Man Carter’s property. Not one of them remembers to take a swimming suit and their skinny-dipping quickly leads to sex and sunburns.

Story 16: A Trip to the Dark Side by Scarlet Blackwell (pages 161-174)
What happens when you’re drunk, horny and looking to get off and your friend takes you to see his “most favourite whore in the world” and you discover they are not exactly your type? Do you stay anyway, fighting forbidden urges and longings you’ve never known before? Do you stay for a taste of the most exciting person you’ve ever met? Do you take a trip to the dark side?

Story 17: Bless Me Father by Heidi Champa (pages 175-181)
Sometimes, you just want to do the wrong thing. The naughty thing. And what could be more naughty than talking dirty in a confessional…

Story 18: Lock, Cock and Two Smoking Arseholes by Marcus Swannick (pages 182-196)
Billy Madely, a little dodgy maybe, but underneath? He’s all right. So what if he knows the leader of the Double Deuces, Ky Parsons? Don’t automatically mean he’s a villain, does it? Well, maybe just a little bit. And if Ky helps Billy out of a spot of bother, then all the better. Though favours are things you can’t always pay off in kind. So Billy ends up looking after Ahmed, one of Ky’s business associates. And just like Ky, it seems even Ahmed isn’t averse to receiving swollen goods from time to time.

Story 19: Looking out for Trouble by Elizabeth Coldwell (pages 197-206)
Rich should be on holiday in Greece, soaking up the sun and having a fling with some cute stranger, not stuck supervising the door of a club in Rotherham. But when he steps in to save a man with very little sense of his own personal safety, it seems Rich’s cold, wet Friday night is about to heat up…

Story 20: Last Minute Treat by Allex K. Bell (pages 207-220)
After upsetting his long-term lover, Barry, by lusting over yet another cute guy in their local bar, he had to be on my best behaviour, especially considering it was his birthday at the end of the week. Barry always gave him the most amazing experiences on those days; but nothing could prepare him for what they did on this one – all his sexual fantasies rolled into one, as a last minute treat he would never forget.


I’m surprised to say I actually like this anthology. It has its ups and downs as anthologies do but I thought the quality of some of the writers was amazing. If you like gay sex stories, then definitely pick yourself up a copy!”

You can buy the Bad Boys anthology directly from the publisher at Xcite Books by clicking the image.

Xcite Books: love, passion, pleasure...

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