Review: Bad Boys story 2

Two men lying on a bed awkwardly trying to kiss and touch each other.This review was sponsored by the kind people at Xcite Books, who sent me a copy to review.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 2: Film Noir by Ed Nichols (pages 14-22)

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“Another review for this anthology. I decided to read this story first but ended up reviewing it a lot later. It’s my favourite in the anthology, though!

The basic premise of this story is to do with a threesome couple who are sorting out a film festival for foreign films. Their names are Xavier, Ben and Scott which made me think of the X-men though I know it’s the actor for Beast that is Ben, not Beast himself. Due to my past roots in fanfiction, I decided to think of them as those characters just because I felt like it. Of course, you needn’t if this would take away from the experience for you.

Xavier and Ben are really into this type of film whereas Scott finds it utterly dull. The story is told from his perspective and I find his narration amusing. I can even empathise with him to a certain extent because I also find those films difficult to watch depending on where they are from. (Japanese films I am okay with whereas Korean films or Chinese ones tend to bore me.) He is only at this festival to help sort out the building aspects and after his part is over he finds somewhere to sleep.

Unfortunately, that place is where one of the films are being shown and he awakes to his two angry boyfriends.

The sudden bondage was interesting, especially since it was with their props rather than random BDSM implements. It felt more realistic and kinky to me because making something perverse is always more fun. Scott gets nervous and excited by what is going on and tries to struggle out an excuse for his behaviour while being flustered.

I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. It’s no big deal, though. I’m sure no one even noticed I was here.

The punchline here is that he was snoring very loudly and almost ruined the entire film. He tries to apologise again but calls the films ‘boring’ which just seals his fate. His partners decide that he deserves a punishment for almost ruining their day and unluckily for Scott, decide to make him watch the film properly. Luckily though, they decide to double-team him while he does so.

I forced my eyes to focus on the nonsense that was going on in front of me, but my mind was divided.

He is forced to look at the screen multiple times during the sex scene, as both his partners are determined to make him watch it the entire way through. Every time he closed his eyes or looked at them instead they would stop. It was a little like training an animal or a child to behave and I found it both sweet and amusing. They decide to keep driving him mad until the film has completely ended and then eventually let him finish; Ben sucking his cock while Xavier has a finger up his ass.

The best part, in my opinion, is the ending. Scott hasn’t learnt a damn thing. He suggests they watch more of the ‘horrible’ films when they get home and instead of being angry his partners agree.

There were no lines that made me roll my eyes, I loved the conclusion and I loved the protagonist. I will definitely be looking out for more of Ed Nichols work in the future!!”

You can buy the Bad Boys anthology from Xcite Books by clicking the image in the comments.


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