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In some D/s relationships, the submissive is given a set of tasks to complete every day (or every so often) by their Dom. These tasks can be as simple or as complicated as the Dom chooses, and they are not always to do with sex either. They can range from everyday tasks such as “do the dishes” to more perverted demands, like “go around to your local shops wearing a very short skirt and a vibrating egg inside you”. What the tasks are and how many of them there are is left entirely to the Dominant’s discretion. The submissive must then do them, if they wish to keep their Dominant happy.

There are lots of other factors that come into play with said tasks, like what day and time they are to be completed, whether photographs or other evidence is needed to prove they were completed on time and so forth. It often depends upon the agreed-on dynamic between the partners whether such tasks are acceptable or unacceptable, regardless of their content.

In my own D/s relationship, we do have tasks and it is outlined in part of our contract. However we call them “Orders” instead.

Orders generally occur during weekends when Daddy takes some time to himself. As you may or may not already know, Daddy and I do not live together. I’m not going to go into the why because it isn’t relevant to this post. I may at some point in the future.

So, what do these Orders consist of?

  • Drawings
  • Food instructions
  • Rope ties
  • Bathing instructions
  • Masturbation
  • Photographs
  • Essays

These are the ones I usually end up with of a weekend. The most common tend to be drawings, because Daddy really loves my little side and likes to give her things to do. These drawings are not very good – I draw the same way as I did when I was a child and that makes us both quite happy.

Food instructions tend to be things like “eat things only in pairs” and “if possible, you should eat [a certain food]” though this has been extended to “cook something” as well. I don’t always cook for myself and he wants me to expand my repertoire for when we do live together.

Rope ties pretty much are as they sound: I have been given a small length of rope to do these Orders with and I am expected to tie my ankles while I do other things. I don’t often get asked to do this because my family like to bother me multiple times in an evening and they don’t know about our relationship.

Bathing instructions are again as they sound. Daddy will tell me when to bathe or how many times to bathe in a day and all I have to do is as he asks. It’s very rewarding knowing that I’m doing it for him and makes it all the more fun. When I feel particularly depressed I can barely motivate myself to get up in the morning so this sort of thing really helps.

I am also told when/where I can masturbate on the weekends. Sometimes I am not allowed to at all, and other times I have to do it before I do other Orders like shower.

It is very rare for Daddy to ask me to take photographs of myself. Part of the reason is that I rarely get any privacy but also because I kind of suck at taking them. I never did mess around with cameras much for Facebook pictures or anything.

So far, he has not Ordered me to write any blog posts or given me topics I have to write about unless they are Essays. He has only ever set me two of these but I am hoping to get more because I can find them quite enjoyable. These generally get a longer time period to be completed, however, because he wants me to think the topics through thoroughly before I write them. All Essays are usually read and judged by him long before I put them on my blog and I only do so with his explicit permission.

If an Order goes against our agreed-upon limits then I don’t have to do it. It is up to me at that point to decide if I want to and there are no punishments for not succeeding at it. However, if I don’t do one and there is no good reason why, I can be punished for not doing as I am told. (I may discuss punishments at a later date.)

When he gives me Orders and I do them, I feel much closer to him even though we are far away. Knowing that he has asked me to do something can make it much easier to accomplish; especially tasks like making a doctor’s appointment or being sociable with my family. Anything I hate doing can become bearable if I know he wants me to do it and that is why I feel the Orders he gives me are special.

When I can do them for him, they make me incredibly happy.

I’d like to think that all other subs feel the same way.


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