Review: Bad Boys story 6

Two men lying on a bed awkwardly trying to kiss and touch each other.This review was sponsored by the kind people at Xcite Books, who sent me a copy to review.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 2: Hiding Out in His Sauna by Richard Hiscock (pages 54-61)

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

“This story is about a guy who helps run a hotel with his family. He’s gay and apparently not very discerning about who he fucks or what conditions he fucks them under. Generally speaking I don’t like sluts so I suppose that taints my view of this story a bit. Our main character has no name and as you know, I really dislike that. He also suffers from being ridiculously horny all the time, which I also dislike. Nameless characters whose only trait is being horny really piss me off. It makes them bland and uninteresting, no matter what setting they’re in.

Alright; it’s supposed to be erotica but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good! You can have characters who are interesting and funny even on a word limit without detracting from the rest of the story!

Okay, enough complaining. On to the actual story then.

[Main character] is gay and lonely and horny. While working out at the gym, he thinks about how horny he is and when he last had sex, which is fucking thrilling. Apparently, he never gets enough time for his trysts as his job always interrupts so while he has sex sometimes it never is enough for him.

The description of the past sex put me off because it just seemed very awkward. Apparently a guy called him in to fix a door handle and then shoved his cock in his face the second he turned around to let him know the door was fine. …And [MC] just started sucking on it like it was his favourite food. There was no discussion and no build up; he just accepted a rough preposition like that because he had already suspected the guy was gay. Nevermind if the guy has STDs (how is [MC] to know?) or anything: there’s penis to be had!

So, [MC] sucks him off and then demands he turn around to be fucked after he’s finished so the guy does. I found that awkward too. I just didn’t feel like it made much sense for him to be so obedient when he’d already finished. From here, the author decides that “knob” and “cock” are the only slang he knows for dicks, so uses them repeatedly at every opportunity, another thing I hate. Also, apparently slapping people on the ass makes them loosen up during sex. That’s news to me though, since I’ve found that hitting someone makes them go tight. Strange how that is.

Even more unrealistically, when he goes into the sauna for a break, two gay guys go in there to have sex while no one is paying attention and he watches them for a while. The dialogue here is very uninspired; it’s almost painful to read. My eyes would have rolled into the back of my head if I hadn’t looked away a few times.

“God, you feel good.”
“God, your balls feel good.”
“Your cock feels even better.”
“God, your cock’s great,”

Totally hot, right?

Obviously, [MC] decides to watch them have sex because he’s just so pent up he can’t think of respecting their privacy or anything. The two begin discussing the idea of threesomes while touching each other up and then they notice [MC] sitting in the corner wanking and invite him to join. Obviously. They’ve actually been looking for him to invite him to fuck this whole time! How interesting!

So, [MC] joins Mark and [Unnamed guy] and they begin fucking. There’s no lube used, only spit and even that is used sparingly. He fucks the nameless guy and then moves to fuck Mark as well, but not before Mark sucks his cock a bit. Everyone has a lovely climax and all is well so he invites them to play with him later in the pool where they won’t be disturbed.

What really gets to me in this story is that the main character is ridiculously promiscuous and doesn’t give a shit about anyone being safe. He just fucks them without protection or lubricant and it really does my head in. It’s like this author doesn’t care at all about safe sex and though condoms aren’t always necessary, lube often is. The lack of attention to these details made the sex very unrealistic to me which wasn’t helped by the bland unrealistic “plot”.

I didn’t like this story and the author really needs to improve his vocabulary. I don’t think I’ll be opting to read anything written by this guy again unless it’s actually got an interesting character or plot to look at.”

You can buy the Bad Boys anthology from Xcite Books by clicking the image.

Xcite Books: love, passion, pleasure...

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