Arousing Anime: Nana to Kaoru OVA

Nana to Kaoru OVA logo.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a post about this anime. Why? Because it focuses on BDSM and is incredibly sexy. I’m also a huge animanga fan and have been for quite some time, so I want to combine both of my hobbies together as much as I can. The manga version of Nana to Kaoru is actually one of the main reasons I began gaining a proper interest in BDSM. Because of that, this post is going to be pretty damned image heavy for once.

The story is simply this: two childhood friends start partaking in “breathers” (BDSM sessions) after the girl finds out about the boy’s interest. Secretly however, they both love one another and just don’t want to admit the truth. It follows their progression from childhood friends who barely talk to a young Dom/sub couple taking their clumsy first few steps into practical BDSM.

It probably sounds fairly cliché and it has quite a few annoying anime tropes in it but the BDSM is mostly well-done and arousing. This is why I recommend it. Plus, the art is actually very good if you want to focus on the girls in it.

So, the girl is Nana. She’s your typical high school anime girl: beautiful, great grades, good at sports, on the student council, hardworking… but she’s struggling to keep up because she works too hard and stresses herself out.

The boy is Kaoru. He’s ugly, doesn’t work particularly hard, is a bit dumb and a massive pervert. Go figure. What the OVA (hover for definition) doesn’t tell you is that he’s madly in love with Nana and has been for quite some time.

Nana and Kaoru, the main characters.

In fact, the OVA doesn’t tell you very much about either of their emotions at all. It just focuses on their sessions while changing some things to make it more about sex while removing most of the emotions that made the manga great. This was disappointing, but the OVA itself is good if you don’t mind not seeing those things.

Kaoru collects BDSM gear with the fantasy of using it on Nana. He always has. His mum, however, is annoyed by his rubbish marks and for some reason decides that taking some of the BDSM stuff from him is the best way to motivate him to work harder. She gives it to Nana to look after for the night.

Nana in the leather one piece.

So Nana…takes it out of the bag and tries it on, because it looks like it is in her size. And it’s chastity-type clothing so it locks while she’s in it and she has to go to him to get the key. Alright, this part of the premise is dumb and silly. I’ll admit that. It doesn’t make much sense at all, but is explained a little better in the manga (yes, you are going to hear a lot about the manga.)

In typical pervy-boy fashion, Kaoru says that he wants her to pose for him to make it worth him giving her the key. Nana complies because she feels uncomfortable. He really decides to take advantage of this, because he is over-excited and promises not to touch her.

Nana in leather and Kaoru perving.

While Nana is showing him the outfit, Kaoru takes the opportunity to look at her and get thrills from seeing her in the clothes he bought. He also has her talk to him about how she feels, which sets her off mentally and makes her overthink everything. This makes her excited and even more embarrassed, which is one of the merits of the series. There is a lot of focus on the mind and perception in general, though generally speaking the anime fails at this.

When Nana has overexcited herself and is trembling all over, Kaoru decides to feel her up and grope her crotch which makes her orgasm magically. (Note: Didn’t happen like this in the manga. His touches were nervous and he didn’t touch her crotch at all.)

Nana in swimsuit and Kaoru with camera.

The scene fades out here into another session where Nana is just in her swimsuit and Kaoru is taking photographs of her. They have a rule here: she must say “okay, sure” if she doesn’t mind what he is asking of her. He also says he will stop when she wants to as well.

At first, she is quite willing to have them taken because the pictures don’t seem all that perverse. In fact, she is the one that basically asked for this but you wouldn’t know that unless I told you.

Nana in swimsuit and Kaoru with camera 2.

As she gets more embarrassed, the pictures end up more erotic – a fact Kaoru is more than happy to prove to her. He asks if he can send one of the pictures of her face to people at school, to which she agrees because it isn’t such a big deal. Then he gets her to do more poses, and while her back is turned, prepares his rope.

Kaoru binding Nana in shibari.

She protests a little at first but then he reminds her that this is what they started the breather for so she goes silent. He then binds her and blindfolds her to make it more exciting. However, now that she is bound and cannot see, he can move her into any pose he wants because she can’t resist.

Kaoru showing Nana how turned on she is.

After he has played with her for a while, he becomes increasingly amused and tells her she’s aroused. Of course she doesn’t want to believe him because she is too much of a good girl for that, so he shows her by taking off the blindfold and showing her how hard her nipples have gotten.

Nana in subspace asking him to stop.

Here is the part when Nana is in subspace (or, as the manga likes to call it, “rope drunk”). It’s beautifully done, and her expressions are amazing. However, she has reached her limit when Kaoru asks to show a certain picture to everyone at school and she tells him to stop.

The OVA seems to end here as the credits roll, but after them is a little bit of an extra chapter called “Winter and Coffee” to keep you interested.

Nana without underwear on.

Nana admits that she is a pervert just like Kaoru and then the scene changes to them in a park in the dead of night. It ends as she takes off her panties and holds them in her hands and Kaoru tells her to buy him a can of coffee from the other end of the park. There is a “to be continued…” and the OVA is done.

Sadly, unless you read the manga you will never get to see what happens here. A second OVA was never made and it has been almost 2 years since this one came out so it looks unlikely that there will be another. Still, it’s good for what it is and if you don’t mind being left hanging, it’s a nice way to spend 24 minutes of your time.

The OVA pales in comparison to the manga though, so if you have liked what you have seen here and want more of the mental aspects you should definitely give it a read!

This OVA covers chapters 2-3, and 12-15 of its manga counterpart. The Nana to Kaoru manga is written by Amazume Ryuta and will have its own post at some point in the future.


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2 responses to “Arousing Anime: Nana to Kaoru OVA”

  1. anifreik says :

    Nicely comprehensive review. You forgot to mention that there have also been not one but two live action movies made as well. The first follows the manga very closely, although they kept the crotch touching, and was very well done. You can get a subtitled version from The second is, unfortunately, not yet available but I’m working on it! Thanx for following NtK, and welcome to the lifestyle.

    • SubReiSkyeM says :

      Thanks for the comment!

      I’ve actually been in the lifestyle for about 2 years now but NtK was what got me properly interested. I know about the live action films but I haven’t watched them yet. I intend to write on them eventually though, and I’ll be writing on the manga too. It’s just such a rush to read that I get absorbed and forget to take notes when I’m trying to blog about it, haha.

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