Review: Daring Lingerie Seamed Stockings

Long black stockings with a seam down the back, reaching over the knee.A review for the supposedly hold-up Seamed Stockings made by Daring Lingerie. This review specifically relates to the black pair, since I never bought the white pair.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5

“I bought these stockings when I was looking online for a special outfit to wear outside on Daddy’s Orders. I was feeling a little anxious about the idea so I asked if I could buy these stockings as a present to myself and he agreed. Part of the reason he agreed is that I had been very good lately and my birthday was coming up but also because I love hosiery of all types. In fact, I have a fetish for wearing tights and stockings of any kind because they make me feel very sexy and stylish. My Daddy doesn’t really give two fucks about tights or stockings though, unless they’re particularly special.

In any case, I bought these for myself and waited nervously for them to arrive with the other things because I had actually wanted them for a while. There was another review for them at the time saying that they weren’t any good but I ignored it because I wanted them so much. This kind of turned out to be a mistake.

PresentationWearSex AppealReuseOverall


To be honest, I don’t even remember what the packaging for these stockings was like. That probably means it’s nothing terrible nor anything amazing. I think it was just a standard plastic bag with them inside, stretched slightly with a piece of white cardboard so that you could see how dark they actually were. The picture at the top is actually a fairly good depiction of what they will look like on your skin: they’re nothing special.


When I bought these stockings, I was under the impression that they were hold-ups. It said so in the description and the picture shows them holding up all by themselves but I did not experience their supposed hold up powers. Hell, they even fell down while I was wearing them with a garter belt! The most frustrating part is the way that they fall down; the band crumples on the back of my thighs and rolls over itself easily before they just slip off entirely, giving me no time to put them on again. They spent more time on the floor than actually on my legs when I didn’t wear a garter belt; slipping down with every slight movement and not staying still even if I did! I couldn’t even get three metres across a room before they’d fallen off.

Even ignoring that detail, putting them on was annoying. The backseam is a pain in the ass to get in the right place and coupled with the fact that they kept trying to fall down, this made pulling them on agitating. The ‘Daring Lingerie‘ label in the back of each one is itchy and annoying as well, which certainly does them no favours. I actually find most stockings very comfortable to wear – though certain members of my family do not – so I was expecting a minimum level of comfort from these and I got none. They were simply uncomfortable the whole time and I would have gotten changed into a different pair if Daddy had thought to bring some.


Despite the fact that I adore stockings, I really did not feel sexy in these. They just made me feel awful and fat. They only ever looked okay as well – never amazing – and seemed to get laddered and scratched extremely easily. If you like ripping stockings and tights, then you will probably find these very sexy because that is all they seem to accomplish. The only other things they do are get out of shape and look dull.

A massive let down: there’s not much else to say about them.


I put these stockings back on to test again while I was making the notes for this review and quite frankly they just had given up on life! This is without washing them and only having worn them once for about 5 hours in total. It really does not bode well for their use for anyone else.


It pains me to say it, but these stockings are not worth the money even though they’re cheap. You can get nicer ones that actually stay up and stay in shape for not much more so why settle for less? I actually regret buying them because they have been so terrible. If I was given the chance to go back in time and remake this purchase, I would not do it again. I would have just forgone having a present entirely. Now I have to decide whether I should keep them because it will be upsetting to get rid of them or throw them away because they’re utterly useless.”

You can buy the Daring Lingerie Seamed Stockings in black or white from by clicking the image in the comments.


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