Review: Seven til Midnight Flawless Robe

A gorgeous black silk robe being worn by a woman.I’ve wanted a robe like this to wear at Daddy’s house for a long time so when sent this to me for review I was over the moon. This review is for the black version and the size I got was M/L.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I was sent this gorgeous robe when I applied to test for again. Since I had become the August Sex Toys Review of the Month Winner for a different item of lingerie I was quite pleased that they had decided on clothing for me again. I felt as though my lingerie reviewing must be quite good! So it is with great excitement that I present this new review, for the Seven til Midnight Flawless Robe in black!

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When this arrived, I was very excited to get into the parcel and put it on. However, upon taking it out of my parcel my mood was dampened by the packaging. The Seven til Midnight Flawless Robe was in a see-through plastic wrapper, folded around a square of cardboard. It was so unremarkable and uninteresting that it disappointed me. There was no available label to say what it even was.

I eventually took it out of the packet and found one small label tied on with ribbon, which was also boring and bland to look at. The picture on it showed a model from behind and the material of the robe had been photoshopped to look more like PVC. I personally find PVC very unattractive so this was very off-putting to me. If I had seen it in a shop I wouldn’t have given it a second glance.


The robe is made from 97% polester and 3% spandex which feels very silky and comfortable to wear on bare skin. It is also very light and cool which means you won’t get too hot in it no matter what you do. On the minus side, this means that it isn’t really suitable for wearing in the winter unless you intend to have sex soon. I wore it with a silky chemise I had and found myself shivering after only a few hours.

The robe reaches about half-way down my thighs and three quarters of the way down my arms, much like the model in the picture. There is a little bit of material sewn into the neck so you can hang it up if you choose. It has a pocket on each side which I didn’t expect to be there, each pocket being large enough to fit a RO80mm and a Give Lube mini without being noticed. You can even fit a Give Lube midi in there without a problem, but if you’re trying to conceal it from your partner it won’t work.

It actually ties opposite to the way the model is wearing it as it has two small inside ties as well as the outer one to use. If you tie it by these, it crosses over the opposite way. I think this may in part be due to the fact that it was made by the Chinese, who I think believe in being “dressed for death” much like the Japanese do. Basically, if your clothes overlap right-to-left you are dressed as though it is your own funeral.

While I was wearing it I did find that the overlapped side slipped down my arms a few times. This was a little annoying but not anything major – hell, it even worked to my advantage when I wanted to tease Daddy!


The robe looks very sexy on, and since I love silky materials it made me feel sexy too. I felt like I looked very feminine and elegant, which is a change for me. Daddy loved the material too and kept burying his face in it while rubbing his hands over it. He likes anything shiny, though he prefers latex so this was somewhat expected. Wherever his hands touched heated up very quickly and felt amazing in comparison to the more cool parts of the robe.


This robe goes on just as easily as the first time and comes off with very little issues either. It ties beautifully both ways though is more stable when you tie it with the inside ties as well.

I was hesitant to put it through the wash since I liked it so much and was unsure how the material would cope. On the inside label, it reads “Hand wash cold. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not iron.” which just put me off the idea of putting it through the wash completely. Not everyone has the time to wash items so thoroughly in this day and age and I don’t tend to get the privacy of such since I live with my family.

Eventually I will have to wash this robe and that worries me because I know I’ll forget that I shouldn’t do it like a normal item of clothing. I actually expect that it won’t make much of a difference but I don’t want to end up ruining it since it really is beautiful. Whenever that occurs, I’ll update this review with the details of what happened.


This is a gorgeous item of lingerie let down only by the lazy packaging and the worrying washing instructions. If you feel that you have the time to wash it as it instructs then you should definitely get one. It is sexy and elegant and every woman should have the chance to feel that way.”

You can buy the Seven til Midnight Flawless Robe in black or red from by clicking the image in the comments.


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