Review: Sweet Lover Co Ltd Long Satin Gloves

Long black satin gloves on a model, reaching over her elbow by about two inches.A review of the Long Satin Gloves by Sweet Lover Co Ltd, bought from I was expecting more than this, if I’m honest. I was very disappointed with these.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

“I originally bought these gloves to wear to my sister’s wedding with my dress because I thought it would look elegant. After being informed that wearing long gloves was something a harlot would do (thanks, Nan!) I gave up on the idea but tried them on anyway. Even if I hadn’t been forbidden from wearing them, I don’t think I would have anyway. There was so much about them that was wrong!

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These gloves came in a plastic packet with cardboard inside them to give them a hand shape. Not exciting but I had fun taking the cardboard out and playfully slapping at Daddy’s face with it. The gloves themselves are darker than they are in the image; it’s just a bad photoshop and it shows, especially on the ‘red’ picture. The packaging wasn’t particularly interesting.


Unfortunately, these gloves were a bitch to put on. There was a with lot of struggling to get them as high as my elbows let alone over them like in the picture, and it was even more of a pain to make the fingers go in the right place! Neither the fingers nor the rest of the glove were long enough and it shows easily in person. You can see it in the picture below this section.

The Long Satin Gloves are very tight and awkward, especially around the elbows and fingers which makes them heat up uncomfortably for the person wearing them. The seams on the fingers are just plain horrible – they never sit right and move around with your arms though they’re tight at the same time. It’s confusing and annoying, particularly because they kept falling off my elbows.

What annoys me most is that they do not even feel like satin. I can’t describe what they actually are, but they seem to be a cross between Lycra and velvet and it just felt awful to me. They are also horrible to try and take off; if you try doing it from the fingers first it feels like a vacuum on your arm and if you push it down from the elbow it scratches. When you touch anywhere particularly sensitive they feel like they’re scratching as well – there isn’t a situation where you can win!

Sweet Lover Co Ltd Long Satin Gloves on me.

You could argue that I have fat arms but these gloves only come in one size and there are no plus size options available. It doesn’t even list the length or width of them on the website, which I think would be a good idea and prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.


The first time I wore them in front of Daddy, he wasn’t impressed with them either. We both didn’t like the way they looked and he even suggested that I should take them off. I was a little upset about this because they’d cost me more than I wanted to pay in the first place but I didn’t like them either so I agreed to. Before that though, I decided to stroke his face with them and for a few moments it was like everything had stopped. His reaction was one neither of us expected; he felt very distressed but at the same time extremely aroused. To me, the Long Satin Gloves felt hot on my skin but to him they were relatively cool, which was just confusing. We used them for sensory play a little but after a while it was just too painful for either of us to keep going and I had to take them off.

It’s depressing, but they just didn’t tick any of the right boxes. Sure, they felt good for a short while but when they’re hurting you to use them and be touched by them it defeats the purpose entirely! They don’t even look nice, so wearing them as a glamour accessory is unlikely.


The first time I tried to put them on, I couldn’t even get them over my hands. I got very annoyed but instead of getting too upset I put them through the wash to see how they would go. I even put them through the dryer (as I do with all my clothes, including testers) which did help a little bit since I could least manage to get them on afterwards. Unfortunately, each time I put them on it is a struggle and kills any passion or excitement I was feeling beforehand. It is also difficult to get into the mood when they are squeezing my arms, because it isn’t even a good feeling.


I regret to tell you that these gloves are not worth the price at all. They’re horrible to get on and off, definitely too small, look a bit stupid and I can’t wear them for very long because they’re too uncomfortable. I wouldn’t say they are worth wearing for anything but sexual exploits. Even then, I think you will want your partner blindfolded.

As for me, I won’t be buying a product from Sweet Lover Co Ltd again without thoroughly finding out their sizing first.”

You can buy the Sweet Lover Co Ltd Long Satin Gloves from by clicking the image in the comments.


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