Review: Give Lube: Aqua Gel

Water-based LubeThis review is sponsored by Give Lube, who kindly sent me a tester set to try which also included their new Silicone+ lube. Also, many thanks to the wonderful Ness, who stepped in to help educate me when researching the ingredients for this was hurting my head!

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5


Aah, here we go again. I’m still loving the tiny bottle and design choice for this company. I genuinely think they’re elegant and adorable, which are two of the things I like most in the whole world when it comes to sex toys. Essentially the bottle size and design are the same, but instead of the shiny silver there is a really pretty blue to look at! It’s the kind of blue which makes me think of the ocean, which is perfect since this is a water-based lube.

After seeing these beautiful designs and colour choices I really want to know what Give Lube will come up with next. Will they bring out flavoured lubes or an oil lube? Maybe even temperature-changing ones? Maybe they’ll even bring these lubes out in a tube form! No matter what they decide I’m going to want to see it as soon as possible so I can drool over their designs! I know I’m silly but the person who designed these really should feel proud of themselves. There is so much tacky or boring packaging in the adult toy world that this truly is a breath of fresh air for me.


It’s interesting that this lube has seven ingredients when the silicone version only has three. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Aqua (Water)
If you don’t know what water is, please stop looking up lubes and educate yourself on the very basics of life. In all seriousness though: this component is extremely safe and is essential in a water-based lube!

Butylene Glycol
An apparently flammable chemical made of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen that Wikipedia otherwise has no information on. According to the lovely Ness, it’s an organic alcohol which helps control fluid thickness and it’s a skin conditioner too!

Propylene Glycol
Mildly orally toxic and can cause an allergic reaction in some people though it is Generally Recognised As Safe by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

A gelling and thickening agent derived from cellulose that is in a lot of other household products.

Essentially, this is just a provitamin of B5. It’s supposed to be good for your skin, which is cool. Added vitamins in your lube is pretty awesome.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice
Apparently this is just a very fancy term for Aloe Vera, which is good for your skin in a hell of a lot of ways. There’s a chance that you could be allergic to Aloe Vera though, so I’d recommend picking some up and doing a skin-test first.

Lactic Acid
Lactic acids make things work together to become a lube when they otherwise wouldn’t. It also helps to adjust acidity and help disinfect whatever they’re used on.


As expected, this water-based lube feels wet and a little silky to the touch. Testing it on my skin was easy and pleasant since it wasn’t gloopy and seemed just like washing my hands. However, compared to my favourite lube it is quite a lot thinner which was disappointing for me as I like thicker lubes. If a lube is thick I don’t even care if it is a bit gloopy because I feel safer and more comfortable using it. Since this Aqua Gel is so thin I found that it gets sticky very easily and feels like it has dried out. It didn’t really smell or taste of anything though, which is great.


To do this testing, we ended up using the entire bottle. During our activities we had to stop and get more quite a few times which was not only distracting and off-putting but rather frustrating too. This was doubly agitating when we started to reach the end of the tube as it was like trying to squeeze water from a rock. I think this is due in part to how frustrated we already were with having to top up so much. It is difficult to stay patient after a while. When we tested the Silicone+ we didn’t even use three quarters of the mini bottle so we didn’t have this problem. It’s a shame that it was an issue with this one. It just makes me feel more sure that I prefer tubes to bottles.

The first thing we tested this lube for was male masturbation (thanks, Daddy!) and teasing of the anus. Despite the constant replenishing, I think it went okay. It wasn’t as easy to use as thicker lubes but it wasn’t awful either. It made things take longer than usual though, because my arms would get tired much faster and then when I’d get my energy back we’d need to reapply… Mainly just frustrating. The second test was sex and I wasn’t particularly pleased since we had to keep stopping to get more. It was also a bit painful for me because I’m used to more lubrication than the Aqua Gel offers. It pains me to say it because I really like Give Lube as a company, but I don’t think I’ve found sex to be more of a chore than when we were doing it with this lube. Daddy on the other hand, preferred it to Super Slik because he could feel me more acutely inside and thus it was more stimulating for him.

What was a huge disappointment was that the small tube simply didn’t last long enough to test it fully. I would have liked to use it for proper anal penetration and a few more times during sex to get a proper feel for it and know if it was just that one occasion that I didn’t like it. Perhaps another time I’ll get the chance.


As with the Silicone+, the Give Lube Aqua Gel was extremely easy to clean from both us and the bottle itself. It only took some baby wipes before we were clean and best of all, we didn’t require any urgent trips to the bathroom either!


If you like thin lubes that help you feel each other, then this lube might be right up your alley. It’s certainly worth getting a mini bottle to see if that’s the case since it isn’t very expensive.

However, this lube was a disappointment for me. It wasn’t thick enough, didn’t last long enough and made me feel agitated due to having to get more all the time. Now that I’ve tested it, I certainly wouldn’t buy it because I don’t think it is for me. Daddy liked it more than I did, but we likely won’t be using it again because I don’t think the frustration is worth it.

I know this is Give Lube‘s new thicker formula, but if they bring out an even thicker one I would be glad to give it another try. It’s a shame that this one just didn’t suit me because the bottle design is just too cute to pass up!

This lube also comes in sizes midi and Maxi, for all your lube-based needs.”

You can buy Give Lube’s Aqua Gel from in the any of the sizes by using the links in the comments.


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    You can buy this Give Lube Aqua Gel here: mini | midi | Maxi.

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