Review: Past Pleasures story 1

Novel with a woman in Victorian-style clothing holding a mask to her face on the cover.This review was sponsored by the kind people at Xcite Books, who sent me a copy to review.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead!

Story 1: Cherry Ripe by Maria Lloyd (pages 1-11)

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I liked this story. It was about a young girl travelling to a boarding house, meeting a stranger and what happens next. Pretty simple storyline, but the execution is what matters. The beginning of this story surprised me because it took the time to give the female narrator some backstory before the meeting of the two main characters – Georgette and Lord Roxby – as well as to build up to the sex scenes. I know that with short erotic stories people generally want to focus on the sex and get to it as quickly as possible but I need to know things about the characters and settings first in order to fully enjoy it. I was very pleased with Cherry Ripe for this even before the sex scenes began happening.

The author, Maria Lloyd, created good tension between the two as they travelled together in a carriage with Georgette’s aunt not far away. The things they talked about seemed very innocent, even as they were rubbing their legs against each other and sharing intense gazes. The way they could have gotten caught at any moment was quite a turn on.

The first sex scene is hurried, frustrating and arousing. You can really sense the desperation of both characters as they tear into one another’s clothes to touch each other’s skin. The sexual act itself was great too; it’s rare to see feet being used in such a way in fiction (at least, in my experience it is) so it was like a breath of fresh air. I loved that he kept her purity by not just fucking her and the fact that he came on her feet was amazing. It was a very vivid scene and I enjoyed it very much.

It was almost a shock that it did not end there. I expected that it would be over and done with and end as a ‘mysterious encounter’ when he didn’t turn up for the rest of the carriage ride. However, the story kept going; detailing how Georgette settled into her new life and how she used his cum-stained handkerchief in the night. Not to be a killjoy, but how the heck did she keep that a secret from everyone? Did it just not smell at all? Didn’t it start to go too stiff or mouldy after a while and if so, how did she clean it without it being discovered?

I suppose that Lloyd didn’t think these mundane things were important enough to explain since there were was a word count to adhere to but it is small things like these that I tend to pick up on. Since she built up the story well so far I had expected her to keep up that level of detail but in the end I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much. The story’s momentum is more important than small things like that and so on it went, until the night that Georgette had to perform in front of a lot of guests at her school.

The song she had to sing is the title of the story, which I liked. It’s probably cheesy but I thought it suited the tone and so I didn’t mind. I also enjoyed that she couldn’t see him there and performed because she wanted to rather than just for him.

The second sex scene was less impressive to me. I liked the fact that he used a riding crop on her but I just didn’t seem overly thrilled by it. I did enjoy the fact that she got to get herself off as well but it did feel a tiny bit samey with regard to the first one, just with a little added kink. That’s not to say it’s a bad sex scene though; just that it didn’t really do anything for me.

As with every erotic story I have read so far, this one has an eye-rolling line or two itself:

‘Just like pearls.’ He grinned, as he leaned down to kiss me.

The gift of the pearl necklace felt rather forced since it seemed to be put in just to make this joke about his cum on her skin. It wasn’t awful but it did make me sigh briefly because it seemed so silly. It was interesting that he gave it to her and still didn’t take her virginity, since the end of the story hints that he will see her again and again which I assume will lead to marriage. It was a bit strange but when I think it over more, rather gentlemanly of him not to fuck her though they both clearly wanted it. It fit well with the time the story is set in.

While Georgette had some backstory to her, I didn’t think much of her overall. I’m not sure what things were like in the past but she seemed overly horny in general. It did help to establish her sense of frustration and desire but it also came across as pretty desperate, which I did not like. Lord Roxby had even less character and simply served as an outlet for Georgette’s needs. I didn’t like nor dislike either of them in particular but I felt I had a better grasp on Georgette because I got to see her reasoning and thoughts all the time.

As far as I can tell, the majority of Cherry Ripe is historically accurate: the way they had to be secretive around others, the descriptions of the countryside out of the carriage window and the fact that he didn’t fuck her being just a few examples. I’m not fully certain that all of the language used in the story was accurate to the setting but it wasn’t as jarring as it could have been.

Overall, I would say this is a very fun and flirty story which made it worth the read.”

Story 2: Late One Night at the Tourist Court by Michael Bracken →

You can buy this collection of stories from Lovehoney by clicking the link in the comments or directly from the publisher at Xcite Books.


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