Review: Lust Lady Explosion Libido Creme

Lust Lady Explosion Libido CremeThis review was sponsored by the lovely team over at Magic Moments who sent me the product to review! Thank you!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“To test this product properly, I decided to use it on a few occasions. The first time I did it solo using my imagination when I wasn’t already aroused, the second time it was during sex with Daddy and the third time I used it while watching some hentai (hover for definition). I felt this would give me a better idea of the product’s capabilities and thus lead to a more informative and accurate review.


The Lust Lady Explosion Libido Creme comes in a cute 40ml tube which fits neatly in the palm of my hand. I am a sucker for small things, as my Daddy would tell you with a roll of his eyes, so this tube really put a smile on my face when I unwrapped it. The colours used are vivid and the design is quite powerful yet not overdone. I am quite fond of the colour scheme used as the copious amounts of red scream ‘passion’ to me while the white really makes it stand out. I really liked the splatter effect of the white on the red as well.


As the tube instructs, you are supposed to massage a small amount onto the clitoris for the product to begin working. It is not meant for internal use so I would recommend getting something else for that if that is what you are looking for.

After opening the tube, I squeezed a little amount onto my finger to check what the creme looked like. Sure enough, it looks like pretty much any creme I’ve ever seen – very thick and very white. It has an extremely delicate smell, much like that of a face cream, no flavour and had no effect on the skin of my finger or my tongue. Unlike lubes, it is not very runny and so I can wave my hand around without it budging.

With some products, my vagina has reacted pretty violently to them so the skin and tongue checks were important to me. Since there was nothing wrong, I soon applied it to my clit and the surrounding delicate skin. I wasn’t aroused the first time because I wanted to see what the product would do for me if I wasn’t in the mood. Subsequent times I already felt like using it so I was mentally aroused even if I wasn’t physically.

Lust Lady Explosion Libido Creme


The first time I was massaging it in, I felt a tingle and then a gentle heat started to build wherever the cream had been rubbed. It seemed like the longer I rubbed my fingers against it, the stronger it felt. It was a little weird but not at all unpleasant, however I couldn’t tell if my body was simply reacting to the heat from my fingers or not.

I stopped using my hands and instead brought out my favourite vibrator – and wow. It did actually make a difference! It wasn’t a particularly intense orgasm but it happened very quickly and easily compared to normal. I pretty much lasted for only a few seconds and it surprised me quite a lot.

Wanting to be sure, I left it on my skin while I did some other things. I was curious about how it would feel if left on for prolonged periods of time since I was considering testing it during sex as well. On my skin, it still tingled slightly (though buzzed may be a better descriptor) and heat still built around my clit. Ten minutes passed while I made notes before I decided to give it another try and the sensations were even stronger. After I came – again, pretty quickly – I felt a bit breathless and dizzy which only usually happens if I’ve been teased a lot by my Daddy beforehand. I repeated what I did the second time and came to a similar climax before I decided to stop for the day. My breath was getting a bit heavy and my body felt quite hot so I was excited to try this again.

When Daddy came over for a few days we gave the creme another test; this time during sex. I felt a lot more sensation in my clit than before and though I didn’t manage to cum during penetration I felt pretty good. After he’d finished I used my vibrator on myself again and came to a really satisfying climax while he attended to me elsewhere. He too was surprised by how effective the creme was.

The third test I did by myself after he had gone home. I decided that this time I would watch some hentai while I did it to see if that made any difference since voices and sounds turn me on quite a lot. Within the first seven minutes or so I had already climaxed about five times, each being a little more intense than the last.


Every time I used this creme, I simply wiped it off with a wet wipe and it came off very easily. Due to the tube being a very shiny sort of plastic, I imagine it would be very simple to wipe as well. You don’t need to be too thorough in washing off the creme though I would recommend doing so for hygiene reasons.


I opted to review this creme because I hadn’t reviewed anything similar on my blog. I’ve tried a few pills from shops before in the past but they did absolutely nothing for me so I thought this would end up being a waste of my time too. However, I have been proven wrong: this creme actually works. I was shocked and pleased by how effective this was and I’m extremely glad I decided to give it a try.

If you have any problems getting off clitorally like I do then I would recommend you give this product a try. If you have no problems but want to feel stronger sensations then I would recommend this to you as well. If it worked for me then it may well work for you and it’d definitely worth giving it a go!”

You can buy the Lust Lady Explosion Libido Creme from Magic Moments by clicking the link in the comments.


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