Award: August Sex Toys Review of the Month Winner

I just found out that I’m the August Sex Toys Review of the Month Winner at!! My mind is all in a mess because I totally wasn’t expecting it and I’m so happy I could cry. Daddy’s really proud of me as well, which makes it totally overwhelming.

The winning review is here: Seven til Midnight Fishnet Tights with Panties.

It is pretty funny how I found out, actually. This thread basically shows the entire exchange. I genuinely had no idea what was going on.

Now I just need to know what to get with it… There are so many things I want to have and I don’t know whether it’d be better to get an expensive thing I’ll never justify affording or lots of small things… I would have wanted to do a giveaway of some kind but I think it’s too early yet? Maybe sometime in the future when I have more readers/comments!

I’m kind of leaning towards this at the moment since I love playing with the one at AtlantisEVOLUTION and have been interesting in pole dancing for a long time before that. One of my sets of flatmates had a pole put up in our kitchen at university one year and I loved messing about with it when no one was around.

Oh gosh I feel so blissful! I need to calm down but this has really made my day ♡


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