Review: ID Pleasure Lube 270ml

Tall blue bottle of lube with a purple lid and a wiggly label design.An old review for ID Pleasure Lube posted on Lovehoney.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

“One day my partner went out and bought this lube as a surprise for me because I don’t have much sensitivity to pleasure inside and he thought the tingling would help.

Long story short, it didn’t.

Sometimes the lube would do nothing for me, sometimes it would tingle a bit but not feel good and sometimes it would burn painfully. It was never consistent. Worrying about how it would affect me often put me off sex and when it hurt I was no longer in the mood. When it didn’t hurt, it was okay. Nice and wet, made penetration easy and washed off with little hassle. However, immediately after sex was over I had to go and wash it off because the tingling would get annoying or begin to hurt after a while. That might say more about my body than the product, but I think if you’re very sensitive (or near your period perhaps?) you might want to steer clear.

My boyfriend, however, quite liked it and it made him feel very good. So much so, that he barely lasted a few minutes whenever we used it. We didn’t end up using it very often though because of how much it hurt me and now we don’t use “tingle” products any more.

Another feature I did not like was that the pump was very difficult to twist back into position – making everything around it sticky. The bottle was always gloopy and the desk we kept it on was sticky too whenever we moved it to clean up. Over a few months it ended up staining the desk! After the first time we took the lid off it we never managed to get back on again.

Because of the bottle being awkward and my discomfort we barely used any of it in the end and threw away the rest. I really recommend getting a small amount to try for the first time.”

You can buy this ID Pleasure Lube 270ml from Lovehoney by clicking the link in the comments.


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