Review: Seven til Midnight Fishnet Tights with Panties

Sexy woman wearing black hipster lace knickers with micro-fishnet tights attached.One of the last tester items I received. Oh well, better late than never, eh?

This review made me the August Sex Toys Review of the Month Winner in 2012 at!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“Another tester product from the lovely! This time some nice tights, since hosiery of all kinds are one of my main fetishes. For reference, the pair I received were the black ones, though you can also get them in red.


These lovely fishnet tights come in very small packaging, which is good for the environment. The picture on the cardboard is the same as the one on the product page so you’re basically getting what you see. The fishnet itself is very tiny which looks fantastic and the knickers are made of a lovely lace that leaves plenty to the imagination.


Getting the seam in the right place was a little annoying. The underwear part didn’t quite fit right as it was a bit tight in the front. The size I got was an XL and it was a bit uncomfortable despite the fact that I am only about a 14. It makes me wonder how anyone of a larger size would be able to wear them – my advice would be to not try. Though the knickers were awkward, I really liked how the legs look. I feel like the knickers would have looked better if I had a flatter tummy.

I wore these on a trip to see my partner, which was about 3 hours by train and 1 hour walking. They were pretty alright to walk around in, with no major discomforts apart from the initial tightness around my crotch, which I got used to. The elastic band part kept folding over at the top every now and then but pretty sure that’s my stomach’s fault. People with flatter stomachs may experience this differently.

Front viewBack view


My partner was very excited when I told him about them, particularly when I mentioned there were no underwear underneath. It did feel a little naughty to wear while I had travelled because of that aspect: it was like a secret that only I knew. Though it was dark, he insisted on pushing me face-first against a wall and lifting my skirt to get a good look before giving them a feel. He thought the lace felt very sexy and he’s always been a sucker for fishnet so he loved them.

In the heat of the moment, they slip off easily without causing any damage. The next morning I checked them over and they were fine.


After I’d worn them I put them through the wash. Since they’re combination underwear and tights it is not possible to wear them more than once without cleaning them unless you wear a pantyliner in them or something. The tights didn’t seem to shrink, which was great because I’d put them in the tumble dryer like I do all of my clothes. They looked the same on me afterwards.


Very solid product but the sizing seems too small! They look beautiful on but be prepared for a little discomfort now and then if you’re a bit chubby.”

You can buy these Seven til Midnight Fishnet Tights with Panties in black or red from by clicking the link in the comments.


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