Review: Secret Swag Bag: Fetish

Exciting image with the words "Secret Swag Bag" on it.One of the best deals I have ever received online. If you don’t take advantage of it, you may well be crazy!

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“I bought a Secret Swag Bag when I didn’t have much money to buy anything else but still wanted something fun to play with. After a quick consulting with my partner he agreed to help fund a Swag Bag, and since we’re both quite into kink I chose the Fetish one. As always with, it arrived quickly and well-packed without a hint of the postman figuring out what it was, though he seemed intrigued by the massive grin on my face. I cannot tell you how excited I was. Unfortunately, I’d agreed not to open it without my boyfriend being there! As I waited for him to return, I kept touching the packaging, trying to figure out what was inside. What was in there? A collar? A lead? A paddle? I almost lost my mind waiting for his return, lol.

When he got back, we opened it together. Inside was a matching set of three things by Spartacus, the BLACK AND BLUE collection (which I will review separately at some point). It was the collar, wrist restraints and ankle restraints… a whopping £90’s worth of fetish gear! We hadn’t managed to have a matching set before, so we were so pleased with this that he put it on me and I wore it for the rest of the night. (It looks amazing on him, too!)

In summary, this Secret Swag Bag offer is bloody amazing. It is fun, flirty and exciting as well as being great value! If you haven’t bought one yet, I recommend highly that you do. I really think it’s something special.”

You can buy this Secret Swag Bag from by clicking the link in the comments. Other bag options are Men, Women, Couples, Anal, Gay, DVD and Sexy Books at the time of this posting.

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  1. subrei says :

    You can buy this fantastic offer here: Secret Swag Bag.

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