Review: Doc Johnson 10x Power Bullet

Pink remote with pink cord leading to a weird double-bulbed pink bullet.Another tester that I was sent. Sadly it has needed an updated review.

Original rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5

“I was chosen to review this by the lovely team at and after a lengthy term of testing, I’m finally able to write this review!

When this toy arrived I was a little wary of it since the last time I had tried a Doc Johnson toy, it had caused a weird burning sensation wherever it was put that made me ill and said toy ended up going in the bin. As I took this toy out of the packet, it felt similar but I gathered my courage and decided to try it anyway. For around ten minutes, I simply investigated the toy. The texture is somewhat weird; the page describes it as velvet but I think it is more like a cross-breed of velvet and silk. The shape of the bullet itself is weird also, and my first thought was that it would be easy to pull out when it’s finished with. I own a similar toy with a different shape that is wireless and when used, it has been difficult to pull out at the end – thankfully not a problem with this one! Instead, the problem seems to be the reverse… The remote has finger-grooves in it for easier holding and is very thin with small buttons. My only complaint for the design is that the wire itself is too short. The packaging I would describe as minimalist and simple.

Now, this toy requires AAA batteries… most of mine require AA so my only option was to snaffle some from an old remote. This was somewhat of a mistake. The old batteries were working, but made the toy sound almost deafeningly loud which was quite off-putting! Nevertheless, I tried it anyway but due to the shape of the toy and the irritating sound it was making, I struggled my way to a clitoral orgasm.

The next day, I ended up getting some new AAA batteries to see what the difference was. The sound was a lot quieter now and the vibrations were stronger! Unfortunately, I am not sensitive inside my vagina so instead of that option I used this toy anally. This is where the short cable began to bother me, since it was difficult to have it inside me and use the remote without it simply coming out if I moved my hand too far. However, this time I played with all the modes on the toy to see what it was really like. The ten modes of vibration all worked fine and seemed to be the same as my other toy so they weren’t anything special, but what I did like is that the toy has a red light on it that reflects what the vibrations are doing. After a while of this, I also ended up using one of my normal vibrators (my beloved Lady Finger) on my clitoris as well and came to quite a satisfying orgasm.

I’ve used it quite a few times since then but it hasn’t been enough to get me off without other help. I think I shall only be using it for a warm-up from now on. It’s a very good product despite that, and if you’re sensitive and use bullets regularly I would definitely recommend getting this, if only for its shape alone!”

The Doc Johnson 10x Power Bullet.

Revised rating: ★★☆☆☆ 2/5

Generally speaking, I haven’t really done any real follow-ups on my reviews. So far, this has been because I didn’t feel like I had to. This toy, however, needed one.

Not long after testing this product and writing the previous review, my usage of this product dropped drastically. As I already mentioned, it was only good for a start up and not much else which meant I didn’t use it solo and my partner didn’t use it on me either. We used it once inside me anally while he was fucking me but other than that it has not been used. That was sometime around Christmas.

Wanting to give it another try, I took it out last night and it wouldn’t work at all. I never keep batteries in toys I don’t use so I had put fresh ones inside and yet nothing. Whenever I twisted the bottom on, the red light would beam at me but no other functions worked. What a waste of time! I do not recommend this!

This vibrator uses 2xAAA battery to run. My recommended brand is Duracell.

You can buy this Doc Johnson 10x Power Bullet from by clicking the link in the comments.


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