Review: AMOUR Hot Love Massagers

Red circular flat hand-warmers, one saying "kisses" and the other "hugs".The last review I did before I went MIA for a few months. Uses a new review style I intend to carry on with when I get back into writing reviews again.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5

“I was once again selected to review a tester for the lovely, so here it is!


The packaging for these massagers is minimalist and discreet, which is not only good for you but for the environment too! Each massager comes separately wrapped and can be put back into the packaging with little effort. My mother looked at the packaging and the massagers when I opened them and didn’t notice they were intended to be sexual or at least didn’t push when I said they were hand warmers.

The massagers themselves are squishy and bendable when unused, made of a nice material choice with good lettering and the initial colour is a deep red. After usage they become hard, heavier, unbendable, and the colour changes to a frosted pink. They look great overall, and the wording on them makes them quite romantic.


To make them heat up, you have to wriggle the metal plate inside them, like regular handwarmers. However, it is a little more difficult because it is quite thick and small. When it heats up though, it gets very warm – around 54°C (129°F) which is quite hot. During the initial heat up the massagers are still bendable so you can make them the shape you like here.

I found that my mother couldn’t take the warmth because it was a bit much for her and there were certain places on myself that struggled to bear with it. Because of this, I would recommend avoiding direct contact with sensitive areas for few minutes otherwise it becomes uncomfortable. Other than that, the massagers feel good on the skin and don’t cause irritation.

I ended up using these for a lot of reasons, because I found them practical as well as fun. They kept my hands very warm when I forgot my gloves in the cold, when I had a migraine the pain melted away while one was pressed to my face as well as them being soothing for period pains.

Sexually, they made things more interesting when I was masturbating – it felt more pleasurable and like my partner was there with me. He also had great fun with them when I showed him and promptly started teasing all my sensitive spots until I was frantic and needy.

The AMOUR Hot Love Massagers next to their packaging.


Reheating these is easy. Just make sure to watch them while they boil since it doesn’t take long and use a pan big enough for both to lie side-by-side if you want them to be ready at the same time. I found that on average, it took about 5-10 minutes to boil them and 10-15 mins to cool down after drying them off.

Use after reheating is the same as the original use. It works exactly the same, without any problems.


These are pretty damn good value. They have multiple uses: handwarmers for cold weather, a heating pad for pains, used alone they can enhance the pleasure of masturbation and with a partner are both useful for a soothing massage and fun for sensory play or simply teasing each other! Plus they’re not only reusable but surprisingly cheap! There are other massagers on site but these seem better for their smaller size and the fact that there are two of them instead of one meaning double the fun.

A perfect gift for Valentine’s or any romantic occasion!”

You can buy these AMOUR Hot Love Massagers from by clicking the link in the comments.


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    Buy these deliciously warm massagers here: AMOUR Hot Love Massagers.

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