Review: Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies Diving Dolphin

Cute dolphin-shaped rabbit-esque vibrator in neon blue.

Third tester product for It was a lot thicker than I thought, which led to this review.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

“I ended up with this toy because I was curious about the whole “rabbit” phenomenon and wanted to give something like it a go, so when I was asked to test this product I was quite pleased. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as I had hoped…

No matter what I did, I could not fit the toy inside me! Even when I loosened myself up, it was too thick and painful so I had to stop. I don’t tend to ever use insertable toys though, so perhaps it’s my fault. Unfortunately I don’t have a bathtub where I am at the moment so I couldn’t test it there either… maybe it wouldn’t have been so awkward if I could have, but I simply can’t get any use out of it!

The diving dolphin swimming in its packet.

In positives, it looks great and feels really nice on my skin. It’s clearly well-made and the vibration on it is AMAZINGLY strong! It’d probably be mind-blowing if I could use it properly. For now, it’s going to sit around until I manage to find somewhere with a bath — I haven’t completely given up hope!

If you’re used to inserting things, and you have a bath I’d say go for it. If not… you should probably get something else.”

This vibrator requires 2xAA batteries. My recommended brand is Duracell.

You can buy this Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies Diving Dolphin from by clicking the link in the comments.


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  1. subrei says :

    You can buy this dolphin-shaped rabbit here: Loving Joy Bathtime Buddies Diving Dolphin.

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