My apologies…

Keeping a blog is a lot harder than I thought it would be. When I started this, I felt like I really had something to tell the world and wanted people to see it and use what I said. It was naïve of me.

Though I’m learning things and can sometimes give advice, I don’t think I have the right to assume I know best. It was arrogant of me to think that I could tell anyone something that they couldn’t learn from somewhere else; particularly since what I want to say is likely better said than I can phrase it.

Every information post I tried to make felt preachy and stuck-up. I kept thinking “Hey! You’re just learning too!” and ended up deleting most of what I’d done. I still want to make informative posts about what I know, but I have been going about it the entirely wrong way. That’s a mistake I’m going to try to not make again.

I wanted to make posts about my fantasies too, but I didn’t feel right doing it. I don’t necessarily want to make this a place used just for S&M masturbation fodder. Perhaps saying that is arrogant too.

I need to find a good medium that I can feel pleased with. It’s going to be a long journey, but I feel like I can do it. And I hope that anyone reading will come along with me for the ride.



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Owner of Thoughts of a Growing Sub. I've been blogging for a year now and still loving it! Check my blog for reviews, blogger memes and BDSM talk!

3 responses to “Failures”

  1. Wolfie says :

    Your blog is called “Thoughts of a growing sub”, is it not? If your blog title is anything to go by, then I’d come here expecting to read about what your opinion is in regards to your activities as a sub rather than get advice. A person reading would be interested to know in what you make of X, and in turn, could possibly provide ideas for you about the situation. The more you blog, the more you note down about your experiences – in that way you grow and gain knowledge – and the people reading your posts will learn from them.

    People will read it if they want to, and comment if they want to. This is your blog, for your thoughts and views. Don’t try to alter what your mind comes up with and stick to the raw original; you’ll learn more that way, as will those who read your blog. You shouldn’t aim to give advice, more voicing your own thoughts and questions – that way you also interact with the reader and get their mind working.

    None of this probably made sense, but if it did, then it was all probably obvious and not what you were after orz

    • subrei says :

      To be honest, you’ve given me a little more confidence on the matter. I should have expected that, since you usually know how to cheer me up.

      Thank you!

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